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I'm Done, You're Done, We're All Done

Teresa talks about Alex's outburst, and wonders if Jill and B had a secret makeup (and makeout) sesh.


Oh my gosh, what a crazy episode! If you liked it, circle "yes." Or tell Jacqueline to tell me and I’ll send you a text if I agree or maybe Caroline will Twitter you, but if it's not in our Google alert, and I block you, then call Perez Hilton ... WTH? Seriously, there is way too much indirect communication in New York!

The big question of the episode was: Did Bethenny really send Alex to deliver "the message"? I watched it a couple times, and I don’t think so. I think Bethenny just meant it casually, but Alex took it and ran with it. And made it bigger than it was, like the childhood game of telephone...

I’m seriously confused about what possessed Alex. She’s usually so cool and she’s way too smart to just be Bethenny’s messenger girl. Obviously something else was going on with Alex. Something has been simmering. Believe me, I know about things building up all season until you finally blow ... but it was just so surprising from Alex. Maybe she has a little Italian in her, no? I guess we’ll see more next week when Alex finally talks for Alex.

Bethenny did say she was "done" with Jill, but really Jill had already said that to Bethenny. Clearly in New York, "I’m done" doesn’t really mean "I’m done" (in Jersey, it means you’re done!) I almost wish they were done and we could stop seeing all the behind-the-back, through other people fighting, but from upcoming previews, they are sitting down with each other again.


Who thinks Jill and Bethenny have really made up since the show, but they’re keeping it secret like Sandra Bullock's baby? Wouldn’t that be a riot? It would ruin the whole season if they were out in public holding hands – or "kissing with the tongue" like Kelly says – right now. Maybe they’re being forced to stay apart like the winners on The Bachelor...I guess we’ll see in August right, when Bethenny asks Jill to be her baby’s godmother? I would love love love to see that!

I did feel bad that Bethenny’s pregnancy news broke before she’d even heard the baby’s heartbeat. And we know she’s not a great actress, so that scene when she found Perez Hilton’s blog was pretty raw. Jason was shocked, and the first time I watched, I did feel really bad for him, but the second time around, not so much. As Bethenny’s assistant pointed out, he did know what he was doing. He couldn’t know exactly how much he was signing up for, but maybe try taking it slower with a television star then ... how about using protection and not knocking her up within six months of meeting her? That might have made his transition into all this reality TV craziness a little easier, right?

Jason also told Bethenny not to yell at him, and she wasn’t yelling at all. She bit her lip, and good for her, because I don’t think I would have (telling a pregnant woman not to yell at you when she’s not yelling at you is an invitation to get more than yelled at in my opinion...). I also thought it was weird that he used the word "inconvenience" when talking about telling his parents. Bethenny was smart to immediately suggest they get Jason’s parents over to tell them the news in person. But Jason refused saying they were in Pennsylvania and he wasn’t going to "inconvenience" them. Last I checked, Pennsylvania is right next to New York. It’s not Pakistan, it’s Pennsylvania. And telling your parents in person they’re about to be grandparents is not an inconvenience ...

Kelly wasn’t really in this episode ... and she really wasn’t wearing much at Ramona’s party. Wow, short shorts...

I thought Ramona was very smart with her questions to Sonja’s plastic surgeon. Sonja is crazy to ignore what Ramona brought up. Just because the guy is nice to you at parties doesn’t mean I’d let him cut me open in his apartment building when he hasn’t been board certified since 1973. If I ever need someone researched, man, I’m calling Ramona.


I was excited to see the party planner Jennifer Gilbert because I want to prove I don’t just automatically hate the new girl. Sadly, she wasn’t on for very long, but I have heard she has small kids and from what I saw, I liked her...

That leaves Sonja. Sonja, Sonja, Sonja. I’m keeping an open mind, I promise. I’ve never met her. I only see what you guys see. But wow, she just doesn’t do it for me. Something about her is so desperate. From her hillbilly psychic to her dog poop covered backyard, something is just not right here. Did you see she was pretending to drink coffee from an empty cup? That about sums her up for me. So far, there’s nothing real about her. There’s no coffee in her cup.

Next week is a BIG one for me! Our season premieres on Monday, May 3rd. We’re having a big premiere party with Andy Cohen at the Brownstone. And my book Skinny Italian comes out Tuesday, May 4th. It’s a collection of authentic, healthy Italian recipes, my family’s recipes from Salerno. It’s got gorgeous, full-color photographs, behind-the-scenes gossip about ALL the Housewives from all the seasons, stories about my family, pictures of me and my kids cooking.

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