Alex McCord

Alex discusses tonight's parties and the perils of cyberspace.

on Jun 23, 2011

Six months later, now that all this nonsense and finger pointing has happened, yes, we do read it, along with a few other sites that blog reality TV. I don’t see everything -- there is way too much online to keep up with while maintaining life and work. The blog owner has now met and interviewed quite a few members of the Bravo family, and sometimes tweets us random questions about our show and pop culture in general. Sometimes I answer, though I won’t speak for anyone else because keeping a handle on my own Twitter feed is enough work. If I had a dollar for every blogger out there who hates me, my husband, or family. . .you know the answer. Reality TV spawns lively online content, and everyone has an opinion about the people on their favorite shows. With the advent of social media, everyone can also comment publicly. If you tweet nice things or garbage, at a Bravolebrity or anyone else in the public eye, chances are they or their fans will see it. I get tons of love and hate every week. Here’s what I DON’T do. I don’t assume that the negative stuff is written by, supported by, or controlled by my castmates. When you assume, you make an A-S-S out of U and ME.

Somewhere in there Cindy and I worked out. And her hoodie smelled funny.

Finally, Simon quit smoking. This week you see us welcome a hypnotherapist into our home, preparing while Simon went out into the remnants of a blizzard to have his last cigarette.

Simon wanted me present during the hypnotherapy, both as a supportive partner and a watchdog to make sure nothing untoward happened or was said. I’ll be perfectly honest that I was simultaneously trying not to laugh at the shouting of “You are a non-smoker” over and over, and also crossing my fingers and hoping somehow it would work. Did it? You’ll have to wait and see.

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