Alex McCord

Alex questions what's true, and addresses your comments.

on May 12, 2011

We start out this week with Ramona's photo shoot, and I've seen the end result, which looks great. With Andrew behind the camera, Maya on makeup, and Sonja and Melissa cheering her on, the initial stiffness didn’t last long and they got some great images.

"I've never met anyone who was willing to go up against her; I'm so happy!" These were Jill's words about Ramona to Cindy. "No one has anything nice to say about Ramona," said Cindy. Jill at least had the presence of mind to remind Cindy that I must have said something nice about her. In fact, every time I'm alone with Cindy, I say nice things about Ramona, and if Cindy is an honest person, she should admit that. She didn't out and out lie about my feelings toward Ramona, but she minimized them as much as she could. She thinks Ramona has changed? Well, I've only known Ramona four years, but her methods of communication haven't changed one bit. Has she become more emotional due to her daughter growing up, and has she reacted to life changes? Certainly. Has her personality changed? Nope. Cindy thinks Ramona's core is not good? I'm beginning to think Cindy should take a good look at her own inner core.

It's simply not true that "everyone" is saying bad things about Ramona. Cindy, Jill, Kelly, and LuAnn are. Jill said Ramona makes everyone cry. The only person I can remember whom Ramona has made cry is Jill, and possibly one interview applicant. Jill thinks that Ramona doesn't make Cindy feel good about herself. Ramona bent over backward to introduce Cindy to all of us, including Jill. There's one thing she wanted to clear the air about -- Cindy's brother -- and that's it.