Alex McCord

Alex addresses her issues with LuAnn and the dinner debacle.

on Jun 9, 2011

It's the last part of the Moroccan trilogy, and I finally got fed up with a few of the ladies.

Meanwhile, it's nearly 100 degrees in New York City today. It happens to be Brooklyn Day in the NYC school system, so the chums have no school. We've toured Grand Central Station, renewed passports, and are now sitting at the dentist's office so forgive me if this blog is brief, as I'm writing it on my phone.

We pick up the episode with the aftermath of the Ramona/Jill discussion. Note that while Ramona is sad, hyperventilating, and about to cry again, Jill is angry and calling Ramona every name she can think of. Of course, LuAnn felt it necessary to barge into the living room, where we had closed the doors for privacy, to police Ramona. She refused to take my (subtle, at first, and then less so) suggestions that she leave, so I finally asked Sonja to grab LuAnn by her imaginary tiara and drag her away so Ramona could regroup.

Some of these women have very strange habits, and for the moment I'm not even talking about Jill. Although she was really vindictive toward Ramona, her poodle hair and desire to be part of a harem almost gave her a pass. It's Kelly and LuAnn who really act up this week. Neither of them can allow conflicts to happen without jumping into the middle, and it's obnoxious. In a way, Kelly doesn't know any better. She just needs to be given a bag of gummy bears and a sedative. LuAnn, on the other hand, knows very well how she SHOULD behave, but chooses not to do that, which is worse in my book. Evidently not in hers, although I never read Class with the Countess so I can't be sure.

Let me put the timeline in perspective for you. We went to Jill's anti-bullying fashion show in New York. Shortly thereafter, we flew to Morocco. The timing is sort of like that series 24 -- although you're seeing our trip spread out over a month's worth of television, this all happened in just over a week. In that time, LuAnn gave me plenty of reasons to call her a thug in a cocktail dress.