Borough Beat

Associate Editor Kim Moreau shares her caftan measurements and comments on Part 1 of the Moroccan triology.

May 26, 2011

Number 3: Ramona and Sonja's Escape from Witch Riad

If you happen to have the sort of viewing device that allows you to pause your episode, I strongly urge you to freeze it when LuAnn realizes Sonja and Ramona are fleeing up the stairs and away from her. Her crestfallen expression as her she realizes her attempts to lure them with the promise of white wine and caftans has so spectacularly failed is indeed one of the most sad-larious things I have ever witnessed. Oh LuAnn, they had to work out their feminine hygiene product sharing system. It's not you.. .OK, maybe Ramona said it was you.

Number 2: They're Some Cold-Hearted Snakes, Look Into Their Eyes, Wa-Oh, They've Been Telling Lies

I don't know that I could make any jokes or witty repartee that measures up to how delightful the snake charmer actually was. My new happy thought is Cindy yelling "Alright, Jill take it off ya' head." Just watch the whole thing now! Oh God, and that dance breakdown afterwords. Truly we've done something right for this entire sequence to have happened.