Jill Zarin

Jill gives her honest opinion about Alex's truce and Ramona's behavior.

on Jul 26, 2011

I normally don't like writing blogs that contain very little positivity. Throughout the season I know our blogs can get very catty toward each other but I always try to add the nice things as well. Bobby and I always say peace and love is the most important thing. I try really hard to stay on that path. When it comes to blogging about a Housewives reunion, unfortunately it's just not going to be filled with pleasantries. Bravo gets us together at the end of each season to talk about the controversies that went on throughout the season and the ensuing months. Needless to say there's not a lot of positivity to write about, so all I can give you is my honest opinion on a few of the situations discussed.

When Ramona and Alex set me up early in the season at the wedding I reacted to what they did and called Alex a name. But what did they expect? They did it to get a reaction. The only thing I regret about it is the language I used. Remember, this was before we made our truce. Alex used this to retract our truce. In the five months since we burned that paper I did not talk behind her back. Every chance she got, she took a shot at me. The things she said about me on camera this season were before she knew what I said about her at the wedding. Everything she said was after we had a so-called truce. I'm an honest person. When I made the truce with her, I meant it and I kept it. Yet, I watch the show and I hear her telling Simon that she never really liked me, etc. . .

Also in her blog this season, she never missed a chance to take a shot at me. So why forgive Sonja who never gave an apology, yet break our truce? Alex said something to the extent of "real friends fight and make up." If that was the case and Alex wanted to be my real friend she would have let that go like she did with Sonja. She realized she couldn't fight with everyone and so she chose Sonja's friendship. That's her choice, but she never should have led me to believe that she wanted to be my friend. It's obvious that she was playing on both sides of the fence. She was looking for a reason to fight with me and used something I said under my breath once over four months of the show against me.

It takes both people to make a friendship work. When Simon threatened me, I could have done the same thing she did, but I chose peace over pettiness. I wish Alex would have done the same. The truth is I did like Simon and Alex when I met them and I would have much preferred to spend the past four years building a friendship instead of tearing each other part. Sadly, I was not surprised to hear Alex condones aggressive behavior from her husband toward her friends or women in general. It was obvious all season as she never stepped up and spoke to Simon about the things he was doing and saying to any of the Housewives.