Jill Zarin

Jill gives her honest opinion about Alex's truce and Ramona's behavior.

on Jul 26, 2011

Did you happen to notice Ramona's body language when she doesn't want to talk about something? When it was brought up about Mario confronting me recently, Ramona just wanted to skip it instead of apologizing for Mario's inexcusable behavior. Andy wouldn't let it go. This was a party held by a mutual friend of ours and there is also another mutual friend of ours who was witness to Mario shoving me with his hand and getting in my face and saying "I want to talk to you." Ramona needed to acknowledge that it happened and ask her husband to apologize. She at least admitted that she didn't see the incident, which is different than what she said in the press after it happened. We choose what we say in our intros, and it's interesting to note how Ramona wanted to present herself: "If people can't handle the truth it's really not my problem." This reinforces her pattern of hurting peoples feelings and not caring about what people think and feel. We all say things sometimes in anger, and I'm as guilty as the next person but at least I'm adult enough to apologize.

I honestly got very upset that Ramona continued to bring up LuAnn's children. Before Season 1 we all agreed, no kids, keep the drama between us. Ramona crossed the line and went as low as she could go. Ramona has no boundaries for the emotional damage she causes. She can give it but she can't take it. For the past two seasons she has relentlessly talked about LuAnn's marriage. Yet when I commented, she thought it was the worst thing ever. She can dish it out but can't take it. It's obvious how uncomfortable she made LuAnn. Ramona wouldn't let it go -- she kept hammering her and I couldn't take it. Someone had to stand up and say "enough" and I literally did. I walked off the set. Ramona should check her own house before throwing stones.

I want to end by saying this: The blondes continue to think that just because they say things it makes them true. In answer to that philosophy I have this to say, "You stop lying about me, and I'll stop telling the truth about you."

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