Jill Zarin

Jill addresses her and Ramona's issues.

on Jun 3, 2011

I realize now that Ramona has been using me to build herself up, but it is backfiring.

Most recently, Ramona accused me of lying about the sale of my house in the Hamptons, saying that I still pretended to own it. A few of my wonderful fans were also irked by these comments and sent me story links and a video clip that clearly show that I have never hid the fact that I sold my house, in fact I was proud of our sale. I am sharing these to let Ramona know, just because you say it, it doesn't make it true, and I will always answer the call when my integrity is questioned. I have to think about whether there is anything left of our friendship to recover after this. These links and video clip will be included in my newsletter.

I will be on my sister Lisa Wexler's radio show Friday between 4 to 6 pm. Follow me on Twitter for exact time. You can call in at 203-845-3044 or listen from your computer at lisawexler.com. If you miss it, you can download it later. Check out the guests she has on. VERY impressive! I am so proud of my sister! Skweez Couture is coming along great and I posted some of the new packaging ideas for your opinions. We are almost done!

PLEASE follow Skweez Couture on Twitter @SkweezCouture and Facebook. I love asking your opinions since I designed this for all of you. So many men have asked me for help that we are considering that for the future. Don't forget, I read all of my comments on jillzarin.com so come check it out!

All my love,