Jill Zarin

Jill shares why she thought LuAnn's video was so important and what she thought of the blondes sitting it out.

on Jul 15, 2011

My jaw dropped when I heard Simon refer to LuAnn as Countess with the "o" removed. See you next Tuesday? OMG! What a horrible thing to say about your castmate and friend of the last four years.

Once again, we see Alex defending the indefensible when she gave in and agreed about the boys being able to drink when they are 17 years old. I also hope Alex was kidding when she said the word "class" was forbidden in her household. Why would "class" be forbidden but yet Countess without the "o" is acceptable?

It was a nice to see Ramona sharing a moment connecting with Avery doing something she enjoys. The hip hop dancing looked like a lot of fun, and it was nice that Alex and Sonja joined in.

I thought it was great to see Alex and Simon having a party in support of the arts. What a great thing to do. I saw the hurt look in Simon's eyes when Mario made that comment about Brooklyn. Alex and Simon were trying so hard to impress their friends by hosting the art exhibit in their home. Even Ramona was embarrassed.