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Unlucky 13

Kelly discusses her meeting with Alex and this episode's symbolic number.

What an episode?! Ramona wants to out do Avery's Sweet 16 party. What??? Did I hear that correctly?? KKB rule: Don't compete with others, especially your children!

Simon, the new Housewife? I don't understand why he's engaging the ladies on the show. Is it me, or is it odd? Is this show The Real Housewives of New York City or The Husbands Need Attention? I get wanting to be involved, but this is going overboard.

I asked Alex to meet at my fav local haunt, Delicatessen, because I was worried about Alex. She's gotten such a bad rap for so many seasons, and she seems like a really nice person who's clearly out of her element. From what we've seen, Alex storms into create moments that have bad timing. I found her awkwardness charming, until their mean tweeting/cyberbullying/awkward moments started to get out of control. All I can do is express concern.

I gotta hand it to Alex for sticking up for her hubby. It shows loyalty. But, I just wish none of us had to deal with Simon's mean tweeting and his cyber minions who are out of line. Where's the cyber police to patrol all of this??? We've seen reality stars in the past cyberbully people to gain followers. It's really offensive to read and to hear that people are so malicious.

Now, we are all reading RHONY blogs/tweets, and its horrible to think that someone in your close circuit is actively trying to harm and hurt your career choices. As we all know, our lives are stressful enough: raising children, making money, and trying to be the best people and friends. No one needs to wake up to mean tweets or retweets from his many cyberbullies.

Being mean doesn't keep you relevant -- being interesting does.

If you guys have any advice as to how to handle this strange issue, let me know.

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