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LuAnn updates us on Victoria's driving skills and discusses her and Ramona's parenting styles.

Bonjour my friends! As I write this, I'm working hard at relaxing on the lovely island of Corsica.

In this episode, Victoria and I spend some mother-daughter time while I teach her how to drive. What could be a tense situation turns into a really fun mother-daughter afternoon because we truly enjoy each other's company. It's hard as a mother to watch your daughter grow up and become more independent, but it's important that we teach our girls to become self-sufficient adults.

One of the things I love about Sonja is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. I think Sonja helps Ramona to lighten up and on their shopping trip to the burlesque store, you can see that Sonja insists on enjoying life, regardless of what it brings her.

Jill’s visit to see Ally at college was instructive to me, since Victoria will be heading off to college in a year. I thought freshman took the basics like English and math, but when Ally told Jill about her Latino film and human sexuality classes, I quickly realized that a lot has changed since I went to college! It was fun to watch Jill, who is very practical, listen to Ally’s defense of her course choices. Of course in true Zarin fashion, shopping ensued and both girls seemed to enjoy seeing each other.

I had to chuckle when Avery shared her thoughts on Ramona’s parenting skills. Wasn't it just a couple of episodes ago when Ramona shared her opinion of my parenting? I'm sure that Ramona feels she is a good mother and that she spends enough time with her daughter. Nonetheless, this scene goes to show you that it’s difficult to make teenagers happy while balancing family and work.

You have to remember that Victoria's father loves automobile racing, so it's no surprise that she loves to go fast! She is coming along with her driving and is actually very responsible behind the wheel. It was more stressful to be the teacher than the driver but we had a good time together.

After recording "Money Can’t Buy You Class" I was signed to Ultra Records, and I immediately began work on my next dance single "Chic C'est La Vie." As you can see in this episode, I work with producer Chris Young on lyrics and the arrangement, and it's a process to produce a radio-ready single and three dance mixes for the EP. Like "MCBYC," I drew from personal experience when writing the lyrics to "Chic." I have so much fun making music, and I know how lucky I am to be living my dreams. You can download my EP “Chic C’est La Vie” on iTunes (and watch the video).

Sonja knows how to throw a great party and her foray into burlesque was no exception. We had a great time watching the show and we were happy to see Sonja enjoying herself.

Until next week, stay well and don't take yourself too seriously. What makes you interested makes you interesting, so try new things and be adventurous.

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Ramona: Heather Was Trying to Be a Friend to Bethenny

Ramona talks about the birthday dinner and her feelings on the Bethenny/Heather exchange.

AOA Bar and Grill in Tribeca is such a great place. I am so happy to be part of it. It’s upbeat, fun, casual with great food at reasonable prices. Let's not forget we have Ramona Pinot Grigio there! What could be better? Perhaps working with Peter? I must say I enjoy working with him at AOA, and from what I saw on the show, it come across. LOL.

Bethenny hates her birthday; I was surprised she was having a celebration for it. I was happy we made up, and she invited me. It was so funny when Bethenny said she wanted to dance on the table! So of course I jumped up to join her as, after all, it was her birthday, and I wanted to help her to get the party going.

I was surprised by the way Bethenny reacted, and I know Heather was shocked. 

Ramona Singer

I thought Heather was trying to be a friend to Bethenny by explaining how Kristen was feeling. She just wanted to pave the road between the two ladies. I was surprised by the way Bethenny reacted, and I know Heather was shocked. Who knew this would turn out to be a fight?!

Last but not least, I enjoyed watching the interaction between Adam and Carole. Especially when they rode off into the sunset...on a bike!

'Til next week!





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