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On Message

LuAnn discusses this week's make-ups, and what she thought of Sonja's toaster oven treats.

Before I get started, let me thank everyone who takes the time to post comments on my blog. Keep them coming.

A big part of being on this show is the relationships we have with each other and how we deal with conflict when it arises. I think that Kelly made the right decision to have lunch with Ramona to discuss their differences and bringing along Sonja was also a good choice. Sonja does a great impression of Ramona and her role-playing definitely prepared Kelly for her lunch with Ramona.

I think that Kelly and Ramona's lunch went really well. Ramona impressed me with her sincere apology for the immature text message to Kelly and for how she treated Kelly on the trip last year. I was surprised how well Kelly articulated her feelings to Ramona and how she stayed "on message" about how she felt she was treated. I'm pretty sure they can move forward in a positive way with Ramona understanding that she needs to be more sensitive to Kelly's feelings.

There is not a "pecking order" amongst the RHONY ladies but some of us know each other better and have been on the show longer so we naturally are better friends. Cindy needs to get to know everyone better to understand how we interact with each other and how we work out our differences. Sonja has known Ramona for many years and has a high opinion of her long-time friend, so that may be what she was getting at when she said that Ramona was at the top.

It's inconsiderate of Ramona to expect that everywhere she goes, there will be pinot grigio served. A gracious guest enjoys whatever the hostess serves. All I know is that when I have Ramona over there plenty of pinot grigio on hand.

I like Ramona's wine, and I'm glad that she's diversified her jewelry and is adding more whimsical and larger pieces. I love the bracelet she gave me as a gift, and I wear it often. 

I had fun at Sonja's toaster oven party, and I enjoyed the sole very much. She approaches cooking with a good attitude and the meal she made for us, while a bit small, was very healthy. I had a hot fudge sundae after I left! I'm looking forward to her cookbook, and I hope with the proceeds she can buy herself a brand-new, triple decker toaster oven.

I respect Jill's attempt to patch things up with Alex and I think that they will be friends again. Their burning the hatchet rather than burying it was a unique approach to moving forward.

Cindy was too timid with Ramona and unclear as to how they could move forward in the future. I can see why Ramona was confused and why she decided to leave rather than spend time with Cindy and her martini.