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Persona Non Grata

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LuAnn: I Sing When I Feel Like Singing

Kristen: This Show Has Helped My Marriage

Carole: Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies. . .

Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year

Persona Non Grata

LuAnn chides Simon's behavior and discusses her new single.

In this episode you get a sneak peak of my new dance single, "Chic C’est La Vie" (now available on iTunes) that I co-wrote with Chris Young. Making music is one of my dreams. Like my song says, "Confident and cool, passion is the key. Live the life you wanna live, there's no sympathy."

It was really uncouth of Simon to confront Jill at Cindy's party. I think we saw the dark side of Simon, and it wasn't pretty. If the tables were turned and Bobby wanted to take Alex out for lunch to discuss their differences, would Simon be supportive? I was stunned when Simon threatened Jill by telling her "watch out." What does this mean? I guess we’ll have to see.

I think that they way your house is arranged does affect your mood and your thinking. Sonja's feng shui expert had a lot of great ideas, and I hope that Sonja found the advice helpful.

I think that Simon's use of the Internet to bully my friends is reprehensible and he should be ashamed of himself. He’s not a misguided teen, he's a grown man who resorts to cyber bullying. I am against all forms of bullying.

Ramona and Jill's chat about Jill not inviting Ramona to her Skweez event went really well, and I hope that both ladies learned something from the exchange. Whether Ramona could have kept her thoughts to herself during a focus group remains to be seen. I think Jill made the right decision to exclude Ramona.

Kelly is a really great girl who sticks up for herself and her friends when she feels that they are being treated badly. Unfortunately, Alex is blind to her husband's faults and cannot accept that his cyber bullying will drive a wedge between Alex and her girlfriends. Why Alex has no problem carrying messages to her friends but refuses to clue her husband in that he will be persona non grata if he doesn’t stop being mean, is a mystery to me.

Au revoir, my friends. "Don't forget to see the best, life can be so soft. The little things can take you down, so it's best to brush them off." Chic c'est la vie!