Ramona Singer

Ramona shares why she packed (and unpacked) the way she did and what she really thinks of her travel companions.

on May 26, 2011

I am glad I went out to lunch with Sonja we were able to get the lay of the land. We met people we knew and had a blast only to come back to the Debbie Downers (the brunettes). Why can't they lighten up? We are on vacation! Sonja, Alex, and I wanted to kick back. I wanted to have fun and party a little! What is wrong with that? Next time, we should leave them home.

I am a control freak and the designer was not putting our names down on what we chose. I am short and petite and would look like a butterball in anything full and billowy. I know what I like, and I have very precise tastes. I wasn't trying to insult the designer, but if he was creating designs especially for us I wanted to make sure it worked for me.

Brad was at my home several times this summer, and I was looking forward to seeing him. When Jill was calling him out about exaggerating that it was his house I almost peed in my pants. It was the kettle calling the pot black. Jill always exaggerates about her possessions! She rented a yellow Ferrari for one week and told everyone Bobby bought it for her. She sold her Hamptons' home four years ago but continually told people she owned it (she was actually renting it from the new owners). I am seeing so much negativity from some of these girls. How did I ever become friends with them?

Why is Jill always watching me and making nasty comments? Is she that bored with her own life?

My telephone did not work, and I was looking at photos! I was not texting or emailing. I did have fun at Brad's home. Watching it replayed, it looks like Sonja and I were the only ones having fun! The snake was scary to me, and I had to hold on to the people closest to me as I was freaked!