Ramona Singer

Ramona discusses her life as a business woman, Jill's drama, and the midwest.

on Apr 7, 2011

Want to first say hello to everyone and hope you enjoy the fourth season! It's been a long wait but so worth it! I sincerely believe it will be the best season yet.

Please connect with me on Ramonasinger.com and you will find out so much more about me and what I am involved in! Also, check out my blog.

Well I want to thank all of my fans for inspiring me to create a fabulous pinot grigio from Italy.
I really do enjoy creating products and new businesses. Some women like to shop and go to lunch but I prefer business! So I now have successful jewelry lines for HSN and True Faith. I also revamped my Tru Renewal skin care line with a few cutting edge and clinically proven ingredients and now most recently Ramona Pinot Grigio!

My advice to people has always been to be truly successful you have to love what you do, and I am truly passionate about all my product lines. Part of me also wants to show my daughter Avery, who is now 16, how its done. She has been involved with me in many ways and has learned firsthand in watching me from start to finish in all my new ventures. An alumni from her high school who is now the President of Google came to speak and said, "To be successful you need to LOVE what you do." Avery came home saying, "Mom that is what you always tell me!"

So let's now talk about Episode 1. I for one did not want it to end when I was watching it! As many of you know I always love entertaining and having people over, so I decided a small rooftop party in the beginning of fall would be fun! I decided to also to break out my wine. I love Alex's reaction when she saw the bottle. It was as if I just gave birth! I was so proud of my Ramona Pinot Grigio. The taste is beyond fab and everyone who has tried it loves it!!!

If you had told me four years ago that I would have Alex and Simon staying at my home in Southampton I would have said, "Never would happen in a million years" or "Not over my dead body." No one is more surprised than me! I have come to genuinely like and respect Alex. She has become a true friend, someone I realize can be trusted and who does things from her generosity of spirit and not for personal gain.