Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives us the scoop on her masquerade party, and on Ramona and Jill's special relationship.

on May 12, 2011

Ramona cracks me up! "Who better to represent her product then her!" She is absolutely correct, of course. I just love to hear her say it. I taught her the squint, and I'm loving it. I get the belly laughs when I am around her, and it keeps me young -- albeit it silly. I am who I am and so is she. Jill told us if you lipo one area it moves -- so true. So now to Dr. Sharon Giese for a touch up of a different type. LOL! I have never seen someone manage their own photoshoot and model at the same time, but it was over in no time and very efficient -- just the way Ramona likes it.

Jill looks gorgeous. Love the white blouse on her. I also wanted two kids. I lost my second pregnancy. So I really know how Jill feels. Thank goodness, for the one's we have though. Why is Cindy saying Ramona's core is not good? Why is Cindy saying that no one says anything good about Ramona? That's not true. Ramona has hundreds of friends who love and accept her the way she is. Maybe Cindy is being influenced by Jill, LuAnn, and Kelly. I know they always come down on her. I try to see the best in everyone. I meet people to like them -- until they disappoint me to the point I cannot be there for them anymore. I'm also too old to be jealous. I can only try to smooth things over and patch things up when I am with people. I can only try to include everyone and try to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. If they complain, judge and criticize that is their problem. I like to laugh at myself and sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, but I don't mean any harm. I too want to be accepted for who I am and not judged all the time.

Chris March is ahhhhmaaaaazing. He is such a character. He said "Don't you have an elevator in this dump?" I love his sense of humor, and his talent is off the charts.