Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives us the scoop on her masquerade party, and on Ramona and Jill's special relationship.

on May 12, 2011

Jill and LuAnn are rallying for me and my other guests that I invited by getting costumes for the party at the Vault. I appreciate this from friends. I don't want to let them down either. I will have champagne for Cindy, because she likes that, and Prosecco, the Italian champagne that Cipriani serves and I adore! They make the famous bellini with it. Their food is delicious to the point of precious. When I said I needed a space for roughly 50 people, they were gracious enough to host me and my lovely international friends that were in town for art or fashion week (I don't remember which). The party was at their 55 Wall St location in the Old Bank Vault -- it is the perfect size for 50 or less!

That champagne in the Brilliant van was a gift from Jen Gilbert when she came to visit my home last season! Thanks Jen. Brilliant is a fabulous way to travel. In St. Tropez or Venice for example, when I have to move a group of people from place to place and parking can be a problem, this is the way we go! We call them "people movers"! We always have a nice time because life is short and the plane ride is long. I have wonderful friends that I have built over the decades, and we appreciate each other warts and all.

When LuAnn called to say she couldn't make it, I didn't sweat it. We all have celebrations and charities all the time, and we will be together at the next one. Was I disappointed? Of course, I wanted her there. But I understand -- besides she was at home ill in bed with her new man. Can you blame her?