Sonja Morgan

Sonja comments on the restaurant industry, Kelly's "lady bits" comment, and the pecking order.

on May 20, 2011

Anyhoooo, the older I get the more I understand confidence is sexier than a perfect body, a tiny heiny, a skinny model, or a woman who shuts up or puts up. Power to the confident woman who knows she's a true partner and there is a good man out there. Meowwwww!

Why is Kelly afraid of Ramona? I feel bad.

Kelly light-hearted? When they wrote these papers I almost fell off my seat. Kelly is heavy-hearted and takes things very seriously. I feel her pain. Why are her friends in denial? Kelly realizes she is not light-hearted. Don't brush it under the rug.

Ally Zarin is so lovely and you feel the love coming off her. I always enjoy being with her.

Alex, our Ambassador says, "As little in the middle as possible." Love it! That is my new motto!! Even as an ice breaker, I want to be as little in the middle as possible. I like to start and finish the fun.

So nice that Ramona brought pinot grigio and donated her time to Jill's charity. I didn't go because l am up to my neck in my own charity work and my business and just maintaining my home and taking care of my family. Ramona said, "Let's not discuss our situation now Jill". That was great. . .because it was about the charity. I loved Jill's stepdaughter, her self esteem, and what Ramona said about her courage. I was feeling the empowerment and the love.