Sonja Morgan

Sonja debates why grown-ups don't like surprises and her role in the Moroccan adventure.

on Jun 9, 2011

I was in St John before Jill popped in, and I know exactly what the feeling was. I said it before, and I'll say it again -- why would Jill fly there to make up with Bethenny when she is your neighbor in NY and you can do it in privately? Show up without calling first? Grown-ups don't like surprises. Even when I attempted to put Ramona together with Kelly over toaster oven recipes, I asked Ramona to call first to be sure Kelly was comfortable with her "dropping in."

Both women made it clear to their host, Ramona, when the thought came to their minds that Jill may plan to drop in on her way to St Barth's that they didn't want Jill to come at this point. Ramona did what was best for everyone else who had committed to the whole trip. Bethenny was pregnant, exhausted, and starting a new business, getting married, and seriously couldn't take another minute of drama after the scenes with Kelly. Jill wasn't there, so she didn't feel it. It was terrible. Having said that I felt bad for Jill as well. What was she thinking? The whole Bethenny/Jill thing was heartbreaking.

From the beginning, LuAnn has been acting like it has been her solo trip. I'm glad I was able to patch up Ramona and Kelly before we left. Kelly stayed neutral when it came to the Jill and Ramona blow up, and for that I am grateful. I don't think Kelly understands how sensitive Ramona is. Cindy, LuAnn, and Jill have been talking about her behind her back a lot. I feel bad when Kelly starts throwing out the adjectives because it's not who Kelly is. She does this when she gets aggravated.

I love everyone to have fun and was happy to get us into the exclusive Le Comptoir. I knew it would be distracting with all the Moroccan dishes, the dancers, performers, fun music, and large tables of International jet-setting men! It was good to see everyone enjoy themselves in a real Moroccan hot spot, and we got the best table. I'm happy to say that it seems my idea of the Turkish baths (or Hamam) was a success. Everyone relaxed and wound down for a bit. The place was really gorgeous, and it's not a place everyone gets to see. I love luxury, and luxury loves me!

I enjoyed Jill on the tour of the palace with all her questions. She is in her element! Mustapah is a wonderful, tolerant man; he is the perfect representative of Morocco and a celebrity in his own right. He worked on Sex in the City 2 while they were there. Don't you find him charming? The outfit he wears is called a djellaba. They are typically for men, but women buy them too. I bought a couple for myself; you saw me wear the tan one.