Sonja Morgan

Sonja rejoices in the love in this episode -- and the love lost between her and Cindy.

on Jul 21, 2011

I appreciate that Alex and Simon can laugh about making US Weekly 2010 worst dressed list. That's the way I aspire to live. BTW many would want be on the list alongside Lady Gaga and Rihanna just to be in the running with that star caliber! As Mae West said, "Better to be looked over than overlooked."

Cindy asked to meet with me again. So I refused to agree to anything close to a lunch at Cipriani downtown, tea at my home, breakfast at my home again, or anything like that after the previous attempts I have made to develop a friendship with her. After she accused me of screaming at her in the van in Morocco, which never happened, and I broke the ice between her and Ramona (who introduced her to this particular group after she dissed her and said her core was not good), I agreed to have her meet me while I shop at the flower market so she could apologize.

Oh my! What about the buttcrack I'm showing? So embarrassing! And scary!!!

You can see Cindy doesn't care about me at all, and you can stick a fork in me, I'm done. Oh well, so much for Cindy meeting to apologize for booking a conference call during my breakfast and springing it on me, along with the lovely Sam. No apology, just further insults and judgment from Cindy while I am on the offense to her attacks -- like at the souk, or while saving LuLu's seat, or being blamed for her hangers. Is this really that interesting to anyone??? Cindy has put me in a box and labeled it, and that's where she wants to keep me. I have no idea why she even keeps trying to be with me. I'm tired of being insulted and used by Cindy. It's transparent.

I couldn't believe Ramona was pregnant! Could you? Dogs do come around when there's a baby in the oven. They get protective.

LuAnn's daughter is gorgeous, and so is LuAnn's mother!