Sonja Morgan

Sonja rejoices in the love in this episode -- and the love lost between her and Cindy.

on Jul 21, 2011

Hot pants McCord in Marlan Breton! Yes! So weird Ramona and I dressed in leopard dresses the same night. It's getting weirder and weirder!

Oh my. . .Ramona is telling Mario she may be pregnant. I'm dying! This is the kind of drama I like. "Part of me says we are not ready!" Thaaat's hilarious. So sweet. I'm digging the way Mario handles this though. Any other man would be stunned/panicked. He gave a brave face. Later he shows me a little more fear, which is a natural reaction for any man. But he was strong for his woman. I really admire that.

Noel is so handsome and humble! He is so well-mannered. LuAnn must be so proud of both Victoria and Noel.

Jill is seriously funny in this finale episode. No? Her comments in her interviews are vintage Jill. Not that I really watched the first seasons, but this is what imagine to be vintage Jill. That's what I like to see! Who doesn't? Good, fun joshing.

"Leopard Bobbsey twins." What a scream. LuLu cracks me up at times.

Did you spot Murray Hill? What a character, and one I adore.

Ramona got stage fright. She couldn't pee on the stick. I was freaking out. If there is a baby on the way, it is a life changing event. We need to know NOW!