Aviva Drescher

Aviva doesn't think Ramona needs to go to rehab, but she does have some choice words for her behavior.

on Sep 24, 2012

As you all have witnessed, my dad can be wildly inappropriate at times. Believe me -- I have repeatedly asked him to behave, to tone down the sexual comments and “dirty old man” routine. But he’s a grown man, and I can't change him. All I can do is turn red, be embarrassed, and pray that he doesn’t get his face slapped.

Growing up, my dad was my hero. He was an amazing father and husband to my beautiful mother. When I had my accident, he was the one who told me to "keep screaming" while I was trapped for three hours in the conveyor belt, even though others were trying to quiet me down. He was the one who told me that I would be the "bionic woman" when we learned the doctors would have to amputate my leg. He taught me never to be a follower and always believe in myself. He has always been funny, real and my champion --  the way a great father should be.

Before my mom died, my dad didn’t behave as outrageously as you have seen. I know I’ve been taken to task for his behavior, and I can understand why it seems I condone it. But, please recognize, he is my father, not some stranger or acquaintance. I love him unconditionally. I don’t know how many years he has left, and I choose to accept him. I cannot be held accountable for his actions, but truly he is harmless and fundamentally kind. And NEVER would he throw anyone out of his home, vacation spot, or party. Please try to look beyond his schtick -- he is a decent, good man.