Aviva Drescher

Aviva doesn't think Ramona needs to go to rehab, but she does have some choice words for her behavior.

on Sep 24, 2012

My dad had no idea it was a girls-only event. I was supposed to go with him, but at last minute decided to opt out. Suddenly, he found himself in a situation where he felt he had to protect his daughter. Truth be told, he, Ramona and Mario were friendly and in touch after Miami. He corresponded with them often and felt comfortable asking Ramona nicely for an apology. I am sure all of us can relate to a parent feeling protective of their children.

All I can say is that Ramona should not have had two guards eject my father from her party. It was a vile moment that says more about Ramona's relentless need to be seen in the best light than my father’s behavior. For the record Ramona's self serving overreaction to my fathers touching her arm was the worst bad acting I have ever seen. I was very surprised that Ramona wouldn't accept my check. This was about a charity, where personal feelings should not get in the way of money given to help those in need.

If the tables were turned, I would never order the removal from my home or party of one of Ramona’s relatives. Believe me, my father was rattled and speechless.