Aviva Drescher

Aviva reflects on her first season as a Housewife and answers viewer's questions.

on Oct 16, 2012

@cowbandit03: @AvivaDrescher I'd like to know did u think it all turned out how u thought it would b4 the season aired? BTW still my fav this season.
Answer: No, not at all! There were so many surprises in each episode! There was so much that we filmed that was not included. Loving, fun, and beautiful moments that are on the editing floor.

@agace3042: @AvivaDrescher you have a beautiful family. Has being on this show been a positive experience for you?
Answer: Yes! Very positive! I met and worked with incredible people and had the experience of a lifetime. The gift of helping people through the platform of television was given to me on a silver platter. I am very grateful.

@agace3042: @AvivaDrescher what's the biggest thing you regret doing during the season? What have you learned about yourself?
Answer: The biggest thing I regret is the over emphasis on my phobias and prosthesis. These two issues on TV seemed to define me. In reality, both are in the background.

@BillyCharlesNY: @AvivaDrescher what first attracted you to Reid besides is obvious good looks?
Answer: His kindness, calm demeaner, and moral fiber.

@b00latcka: @AvivaDrescher What is Reid's zodiac sign? I love u as a couple with him!
Answer: Aries

@bwhitcher: @AvivaDrescher any good book suggestions on relationship advice? I want to keep this one. #badtrackrecord
Answer: I will write one! LOL!

@johnftlaud: @AvivaDrescher tell us about all the things in your life, your charities and what if any gossip about your dads old clients if u can lol
Answer: The three charities I focus on are One Step Ahead, Cancer Schmancer, and Live 4 Life. One Step ahead helps amputees, Cancer Schmancer is Fran Drescher's Charity focused on early detection for cancer in women, and Live 4 Life funds research for melanoma. My dad had some cool clients like the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, Woody Allen, etc. I don't have any gossip on them! He would never tell!! LOL