Aviva Drescher

Aviva explains her Secret Santa gift, what she looks for in a friend, and why the wine debacle needs to end.

on Aug 13, 2012

That red lipstick. Yuck. Not sure what was worse: the lipstick or the party? We have beaten the wine situation like a dead horse. I should not have brought it up to LuAnn. However, up until this point I had brought it up to Ramona and not LuAnn. Luann was right, I was annoying. Jacques had a point as well -- he was there and had Ramona started to falter he may have been able to come in for the save.

Best move of the night was Jacques drowning me out with piano playing! I starting teasing him calling him "mean" in french. For the record, Jacques is the complete antithesis of mean.

I love Jacques. He is a doll, incredibly kind and hysterically funny. The man is gracious, sweet, and has heart. He has always been so warm and funny with Reid and myself. He and LuAnn make a great couple. Jacques is French and he has a charming French accent. Am I missing something here? I was not discussing Jacques' accent, nor do I understand what Ramona and Mario were talking about. I liked Heather asserting herself, however, she didn't know anything about the wine situation and she was jumping in without understanding the beginning, middle, and end of this little tryst. I still like the way she put herself out on a limb for her friends. Great woman that Heather. Strong.

Heather shouldn't have told Mario his wife was "crazy," even if its true. We all make mistakes with the slip of the tongue. I certainly do. . .often! Hopefully, when I am wrong I will always have the ability to self reflect, own it, and improve my character.

Thank you for reading and watching!!! You all go above and beyond with your kindness and heartfelt opinions.