Aviva Drescher

Aviva explains why she was so upset with Ramona and Sonja and apologizes for her "white trash" comment.

on Sep 3, 2012

OK, I lost my s--t on tonight's episode.

Inside I was wounded, hurt, angry, and vulnerable. I felt bad enough that Reid had to come at all and I was so embarrassed that my "friends" were hashing out a plan to kick him out of the house when he was just trying to do a nice thing and get me down there to be with them. I felt like I had to be protective of him when we were being mistreated and I went overboard. Anxiety is a weakness, which I am not proud of, and I am working on it. I am not totally there yet but all I can do is keep trying to improve.

Before I left NYC, I found out that a family member could watch our four children and Reid was able to get away for the weekend. So I called Ramona. Her giddy response was "Oh good, oh good! I will do something funny when you arrive! I will give Reid coupons to come to dinner a few times with the girls." Reid took the phone and told Ramona he didn't want the coupons because he wasn't there to be with the girls, he was just getting me to the island. So basically I called Ramona to see if Reid's presence in the house was OK with her and she gave me her unconditional blessing.

We thought about staying at a hotel but Carole, our hostess, insisted Reid stay with me in my room. Since I knew, and now Ramona knew, that Reid was going to be away from the house except for sleeping, it seemed like a practical solution. In retrospect had I known that Reid taking a bed, which had its own private entrance, would have caused so much drama he would have been happy to stay in a hotel. . .