Heather Thomson

Heather laments her inability to get Sonja on the same page.

on Aug 6, 2012

LuAnn's holiday party was not to be missed. LuAnn can put a great group together for a good cause any day and I love that the Life and Style Party centered around the winter coat drive. New York winters can be brutal and we all have an extra coat to spare to keep someone warm! When the other ladies and I received our invitations, we also got the instructions that we were to join Lu on stage to sing "Jingle Bells." How fun is that? As I was entering the party with Jon, "the band" bumped in front of us. I consider myself a pretty hip chick but as these guys pushed their way into the party I thought to myself, "this is an interesting musical choice for a holiday party." I said to Jon, "I think they've been doing their hair and partying all day in preparation of their big event!"

Singing on-stage with the girls was fun, (I didn't unwrap my hand from the mic!), but as you saw. . .it was the band's crazy, off- kilter, post-Jingle Bells performance that really stole the show! WOWZA! I had a feeling something unexpected was going to happen with these guys but it actually took me a minute to realize how bawdy these boys were! It was a moment of Mohawk Madness (I will chalk that up to the dinner at Le Cirq, too), and between Sonja's performers at Aviva and Reid's anniversary party and now LuAnn's holiday band I think the new rule has to be, "secure second opinions before hiring the entertainment!!"