Heather Thomson

Heather explains what she will put up with (Aviva's jacket snafu) and what she won't endure (Ramona and Sonja's behavior).

on Oct 1, 2012

We close the season at Carole’s book baby shower party and she looks so glamorous. I am really proud of Carole for finishing the book and I know you will all love reading it too. I had the honor of previewing the first few chapters and it is SO good!!! Carole is a truly talented writer and I am very excited for this book to hit the shelves and what's to come for her! Go Raz!!!

So, is it just me or is there something truly disingenuous about an apology if you have to ask for it? I for one don’t accept it as being sincere if I have to beg someone to say sorry. I bring this up because I think Aviva needs to stop asking Ramona to apologize. What will it do? Will it make her feel better? In my opinion, she needs to just back down and give this whole thing with Ramona some time. They just continue to circle the drain with these heightened emotions and it's getting them nowhere.