Heather Thomson

Heather apologizes for her poop joke, discusses dinner, and disagrees with Ramona's "insecure" comment.

on Jul 9, 2012

Asking everyone to introduce themselves is a pretty standard practice at business dinners, especially when you are trying to create camaraderie amongst your team. And, I was so proud to have my ladies there with me. They were looking so gorgeous and I really wanted to show them off. It is a company tradition to say a few things about Yummie so I really didn't think much of the request. I had no idea Carole would be so shy, but Sonja and Luann brought the Rah-Rah spirit of the dinner home! I was moved by what everyone said and happy to be closing out an amazing international business trip on such a high note.

Early the next morning, Carole was nothing short of a saint to accompany me to my live television segment. Now, what you don't know is that we all went out on the town and whooped it up late that night. When we got back to our suite, Carole and I stayed up even later and continued the laughs and conversation almost until I had to start my hair and makeup. She even agreed to accompany me to the television set to support me through the live broadcast and we'd barely slept a second. That is friendship.

Now that my Yummie work is finished, it's time to play. We decided to kick off my "free time" by going for a traditional English high tea. Sonja and Carole showing up in the spectator hats I had bought them was a riot. I love that they completely got into it and brought on the English spirit! Everyone was turning to take a good look at our table. It was just too funny, and you get to see us starting to gel as a group and have a really good time together! Afterwards, we all head to Jonathan Adler's new store opening party where we really made a splash and had a ball.