Heather Thomson

Heather wonders about the reasoning behind Ramona's apology.

on Jun 18, 2012

While I believe that Ramona tried to be of help to Sonja by taking time to meet her in her office and  lending her expertise to a friend when she didn't really want to be there, I was more interested in first understanding the business Sonja was looking to build and getting that sorted out with the hope that Sonja would walk away from our initial meeting energized and excited. I may have sounded a little pompous in my talking head, but it's totally the opposite. I was actually eager because I genuinely understood Sonja's vision and know I could help her see it through. It's going to take a lot more than three hours a day, but as much work as it will be, it will be fulfilling to see her succeed with it! Sonja has a great concept and vision for what she wants to accomplish and now she just has to roll up her sleeves and go for it! She can be the next Martha Stewart. She just has to believe it!

At Ranjana Khan's party (celebrating the launch of her new jewelry collection for The Limited), all the ladies look stunning. It was a beautiful party and Ramona looked especially glamorous. For the record, I do not hold anything "against" Ramona, it's not that deep for me. I just can't find that natural "groove" with Ramona. It just doesn't come easy for us and I have had trouble connecting with her. If it happens, it happens but until then, we share mutual friends and I have no reason to remain anything less than polite and gracious. Maybe, if my first encounters with Ramona were more like Carole's I would feel differently, but Ramona seemed to be competitive with me from jump. I am not interested in any games, although she seems to have me targeted as such. Further to that, I was never "mad" at Ramona for "telling me I talked to much." Other than stirring the pot, I have no idea why Aviva said that. Ramona and I had our exchange about it, I articulated that I felt strange that Mario and Ramona would choose to enlighten me with their "constructive criticism" upon first acquaintances, and that is that.