Heather Thomson

Heather wonders about the reasoning behind Ramona's apology.

on Jun 18, 2012

It was very nice that Ramona did finally put out an olive branch to me, showing some humanity over the recent loss of my Dad. I had been incensed by her reactions, especially when sharing vulnerabilities with her, (and maybe it's just all in her delivery). Let me tell you, that apology was a moment that surprised us all, and I was very appreciative about it. But after watching the show, was it only because she now knew I had invited some of the girls on a trip to London and she wanted to go?

I love London. It is such a great city, I have really enjoyed spending time there through the years, but as of late, it was always for work. So when Jon suggested I extend the trip and invite a few of the ladies with me for some fun I thought it sounded like a brilliant idea! And I was looking forward to a work/play trip that would be light because I would have a lot to balance and a fun get away from life's pressures. I was excited that Sonja and Carole were immediately on board! While I am learning more and more about Aviva and her fears, and I was thinking that, unless Reid came, her phobias wouldl hold her back. And after our visit to Jimmy's I don't know if a flat with bunch of women would be so comfortable for Reid. . .

So would you invite Ramona to London? Keep in mind that the main purpose of the trip was for my international sales meeting which was scheduled to take place there. (We distribute Yummie Tummie shapewear throughout Europe and Australia and I was going to London to present the new collections to all of our distributors.)

I am curious to see what you think. . .

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See you next week!
xx. Heather