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The Olive Branch

Heather wonders about the reasoning behind Ramona's apology.

Sitting outside in The Meatpacking District on a sunny day in New York City is top of the charts! It's hard to believe that ten years ago, when I lived in the neighborhood, it was nothing but slaughter houses, Florent Restaurant (which was open all night), and ever-so-fabulous trannies on every corner.

Today, the Meatpacking District has transformed completely and is a destination for great restaurants, great nightlife, and great shopping. The James Hotel and Jimmy's rooftop bar is another great NYC hot spot.

Watching the scene about wedding rings there got me thinking how funny it is to see such differing opinions on a man's wedding ring. I don't know of any chic woman who forgoes the band or the diamond for that matter, LOLl! But with a man, it's true that some wear a band and some don't. So Sonja and I felt that the kind of women that would hit on Reid while wearing a wedding ring is not a quality woman, whereas if he was not wearing a wedding band a woman of quality would never know he was taken and could potentially peak his interest. So we disagreed with Aviva's reasoning. I love that Jon likes and wears his wedding ring, and he does so with pride. But at the end of the day, I suppose a man needs to make his own decision whether or not jewelry feels right for him (funny enough Reid didn't mind wearing a ring). Of course, we all know that a wedding band can't stop infidelity, in the end only the person can do that.

Sonja is a whole lotta fun! She just cracks me up! She is really very funny, and I like hanging out with her socially. Her sense of humor is unequalled, and I appreciate that so much because she has not had an easy time of things the past few years. I am genuinely so happy that she's asked me for advice on her business ideas. The very prospect of helping her to build a brand that could potentially afford her some breathing room is exactly the kind of thing that gets my motor running!

While I believe that Ramona tried to be of help to Sonja by taking time to meet her in her office and  lending her expertise to a friend when she didn't really want to be there, I was more interested in first understanding the business Sonja was looking to build and getting that sorted out with the hope that Sonja would walk away from our initial meeting energized and excited. I may have sounded a little pompous in my talking head, but it's totally the opposite. I was actually eager because I genuinely understood Sonja's vision and know I could help her see it through. It's going to take a lot more than three hours a day, but as much work as it will be, it will be fulfilling to see her succeed with it! Sonja has a great concept and vision for what she wants to accomplish and now she just has to roll up her sleeves and go for it! She can be the next Martha Stewart. She just has to believe it!

At Ranjana Khan's party (celebrating the launch of her new jewelry collection for The Limited), all the ladies look stunning. It was a beautiful party and Ramona looked especially glamorous. For the record, I do not hold anything "against" Ramona, it's not that deep for me. I just can't find that natural "groove" with Ramona. It just doesn't come easy for us and I have had trouble connecting with her. If it happens, it happens but until then, we share mutual friends and I have no reason to remain anything less than polite and gracious. Maybe, if my first encounters with Ramona were more like Carole's I would feel differently, but Ramona seemed to be competitive with me from jump. I am not interested in any games, although she seems to have me targeted as such. Further to that, I was never "mad" at Ramona for "telling me I talked to much." Other than stirring the pot, I have no idea why Aviva said that. Ramona and I had our exchange about it, I articulated that I felt strange that Mario and Ramona would choose to enlighten me with their "constructive criticism" upon first acquaintances, and that is that.

It was very nice that Ramona did finally put out an olive branch to me, showing some humanity over the recent loss of my Dad. I had been incensed by her reactions, especially when sharing vulnerabilities with her, (and maybe it's just all in her delivery). Let me tell you, that apology was a moment that surprised us all, and I was very appreciative about it. But after watching the show, was it only because she now knew I had invited some of the girls on a trip to London and she wanted to go?

I love London. It is such a great city, I have really enjoyed spending time there through the years, but as of late, it was always for work. So when Jon suggested I extend the trip and invite a few of the ladies with me for some fun I thought it sounded like a brilliant idea! And I was looking forward to a work/play trip that would be light because I would have a lot to balance and a fun get away from life's pressures. I was excited that Sonja and Carole were immediately on board! While I am learning more and more about Aviva and her fears, and I was thinking that, unless Reid came, her phobias wouldl hold her back. And after our visit to Jimmy's I don't know if a flat with bunch of women would be so comfortable for Reid. . .

So would you invite Ramona to London? Keep in mind that the main purpose of the trip was for my international sales meeting which was scheduled to take place there. (We distribute Yummie Tummie shapewear throughout Europe and Australia and I was going to London to present the new collections to all of our distributors.)

I am curious to see what you think. . .

As always, thanks again for the feedback, Tweets and posts! See what I am up to on my Facebook page,, and

See you next week!
xx. Heather

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Kristen: John’s Hands Got a Little Too Friendly

Kristen talks about starting her own blog and John's "friendly" hands.

Go Bethenny, woo hoo! I am watching this thinking, awesome, a new set of eyes and new person taking on the Miss Morgan roller coaster. Folks, you honestly don’t believe it or her (Sonja) until you experience it with your own eyes and ears. I LOVE Sonja, but nine times out of 10, when Sonja is talking about business, well she just doesn’t make any damn sense at all. The worst part is she believes her own hype! Every time her mouth opens to do with business, she fabricates a new one! Is she that naïve to think that we can’t do some basic sleuthing and discover that these new business ventures aren’t real, more like some figment of her imagination, and call her bluff? Oy vey!  

Bethenny is finally getting what all of us ladies were trying to tell her when we were in the Hamptons. 

Lu and Dorinda's pedicure...I love Dorinda’s attitude. She doesn’t care that John was out without her. He probably invited her along, she didn’t care to go. Dorinda has been through so much in her life, she knows not to sweat the small stuff. “Who cares?” as my nanny would say, LOL :)

Oysters and Sancerre with Carole--How cute is my outfit here (just Miss Carole was very late for this dinner. I had already had two glasses of wine before she arrived. That’s a lot for me!

Carole lives just around the corner. No idea what took her so long? #ADAM? It was great to get the scoop on what was new with her and dish. I had no idea she was still seeing Adam. I say good for her, they are both single, and Lu’s niece had been broken up with him for a while, so what’s the big deal? It’s really no one’s business.

It’s sweet that Sonja decided to plan a trip to Atlantic City for Ramona's birthday. It seems like Sonja has turned over a new leaf and is being more sensitive and supportive of Ramona. Thank goodness! AC seems like a perfect getaway to help take her mind off things! Ramona, did you say that “all the girls have not been supportive of Sonja”?! PLEASE! You feel the exact same way we do: concerned for Sonja and confused.

Wait! Am I invited to Atlantic City?! LOL!

It’s interesting that Dorinda points out that John can be inappropriate at times...wish I had gotten that memo!

Kristen Taekman

It’s really sweet to see Dorinda and Hannah together at home. You can tell that they are very close. Dorinda seems to really understand Bethenny. I like the “peeling back the onion” philosophy. It’s perfect.  

It’s interesting that Dorinda points out that John can be inappropriate at times ...hmmm…wish I had gotten that memo!

I started a blog about a year ago. I think when you go from stay-at-home mommy, who does modeling gigs every now and again, to mommy with kids at school, your life shifts gears dramatically. It comes so fast. It’s just you at home with all of this free time. One can only exercise so much, right?

Even at 38, I still really love modeling, and I’m passionate about it. I decided that with Last Night’s Look, I could create my own job! I go into my closet, put some looks together, mix and match, and then…model! I enjoy mixing high and low fashion and love finding an awesome piece at H&M or ZARA and sharing it with you all! I love that this blog has really taken me back to my roots and allows me to utilize all the things I have learned from modeling since I was 16, including wardrobe, styling, hair, makeup, and photography. 

When I first started modeling in New York, I would do “test” shoots with photographers to build my portfolio. Most of the time, these young up-and-coming photographers would shoot on the streets, because they didn’t have studios. Manhattan offers an amazing backdrop with so much dynamic and unique architecture, and the streets and neighborhoods each have their own flavor. I fondly remember the experience of shooting those test shoots. How ironic is it that I am now taking those experiences and applying it to how I do my blog? Everything happens for a reason, there’s no denying it. I have worked with some of the best makeup, hair, and stylists in the city. I have learned so much over the years that I thought it would be fun to share it all. Last Night’s Look is based on what I wore last night, but the beauty of that is that it's everything from pajamas to a ball gown!

Check out and follow it for beauty and fashion tips, fun New York locations, and Mommy reality.

Sonja’s showroom with Bethenny...Wow this whole thing is just so uncomfortable for me. Are you having a hard time watching this? Poor Bethenny is trying to be nice, even for can tell she is uncomfortable. Sonja even seems somewhat hesitant. Is it me our do all of her “partners” seem like paid actors?  No one has answers, there is not an article of clothing anywhere to be found, only lots of pretty sketches. “We are in talks with retailers, but we can’t confirm any.” And the line launches in like two months, but they aren’t allowed to disclose any other information? “But know we have the best relationships in the industry.” What does that even mean?  Is this normal? I don’t know a ton about fashion retail distribution, but my instincts tell me they have a lot of work ahead of them.

Bethenny, all I can say is that we tried to tell you. At this point we have all tried to be supportive and better understand her businesses and help wherever we can. I think we need to just let Sonja be Sonja and emotionally support her. I am just not sure what’s so secretive? Hmm…

World Bar...This was the coldest night ever! I remember getting dressed and wanting to wear something warmish... ugh, winter, seems like it never ended.

Ramona was really overly sensitive about Sonja not going over to her. Sonja was drinking and with her boy! I mean, “young man,” and Ramona should not be stressing it and just let Sonja do Sonja and her boy, er, I mean her young man, right?

And ohhhh the push-ups to get those boobs? Come on! WE all know they are fake--just own it! What’s the big deal? Ramona's boobs look awesome, and so does she, better than ever!

I am happy to see that Lu and Carole spoke about the whole “Adam” thing. It seems like all is OK? If two people broke up more than a year ago, shouldn’t it be OK to starting dating again? Even if the new person is a friend of the ex’s aunt? Why not?

Sonja and I dancing with John...LOL! The party was over, a lot of the ladies were headed home, Josh and I ended up staying a bit longer. The music was turned up, and we all had a bunch to drink and were just having playful fun. Josh was sitting right behind John and was laughing watching John trying to get the party started and getting his “extra friendly” on. Sonja and John started dancing, and he pulled me in to dance with them, so we were all having fun, and then John’s hands got a little too friendly and that was a cue that it was time for me to exit…it felt very deja vu from a night last year with Aviva’s dad...

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