Heather Thomson

Heather ponders Aviva's invites, Sonja's business, and LuAnn's attitude.

on Jul 24, 2012

Overhearing what Carole had to say to her friend Ranjana Khan was proof that LuAnn is rubbing people the wrong way. But, Carole shouldn't sweat the small stuff, allowing the petty things to get under her skin. I am not sure how endearing pumpkin head really is? And I feel a direct line with LuAnn might be a better approach to Carole's frustration. We'll see if the Princess decides to take that route with the Countess.

Miami. . .I guess turnabout is fair play, and I am certainly not upset that neither LuAnn nor me were invited along. But I am compelled to point out the obvious: how is it that Aviva can choose her guest list for Miami and exclude whomever she chooses while I was demonized for leaving Ramona behind on the trip to London? Maybe you see it differently. . .I would love to hear your feedback on it!

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