LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn holds her head up amidst the ladies' chatter.

on Jul 24, 2012

Aviva has the right to invite whoever she likes to her home in Miami and space is always a consideration when hosting overnight guests. I think that Aviva considered this a family trip rather than a girls' trip and she shouldn't have to defend her travel plans to us or to anyone.

Designers lend us all dresses for photos shoots and it's a win-win situation so I was surprised to hear that Carole disapproved of me mentioning to Naeem that I'd be interested in wearing one of his dresses. What people didn't see is that, I really hit it off with the Khans and that Naeem was happy to let me borrow a dress for a photo shoot. I did purchase jewelry from Ranjana and I love her jewelry collection.

So my friends, as Stuart advises, I'm going to "trace it, face it, and erase it."