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Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year

Hug Worthy

LuAnn would appreciate if the other ladies took Ramona's approach to confrontation.

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down; London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady!

Wow. . .I guess I'm better at dealing with jet lag than other people because I had a great time in London, in spite of the time change. I was stayed in good spirits throughout our trip. I'm always up for croquet, shopping, sightseeing, and I really enjoyed spending time with the girls.

I'm going to be nice and attribute Carole's increasing irritability with me to tiredness, because while I was feeling fab and ready to have a great time, she was obviously feeling drab. I think Carole needed a good long nap because she was acting shall I say, less mature than usual!

It may have seemed irritating but when does sharing your life experiences turn into one-upping? I'm a very secure and happy person and I don't need to "one up" anyone to feel good about myself regardless of what others say about me. I do have a lot of interests and experiences that I like to share with my friends. Growing up in a big family, I learned early on that competition is a part of life -- but it's also important to be a team player and I consider myself to be a good sport.

It was very unpleasant for me to see the women talk behind my back when I left the table, at our age. . .really? I was surprised by the girls' conversation although I wasn't shocked. I wish they had said these things to my face.

I didn't realize that Heather was talking to me about me because she wasn't being clear. I missed the entire conversation at the table. If someone has a problem with me they can just say it. . .I'm a big girl. At least Ramona says what she has to say to my face.

When Ramona came up to me at Aviva and Reid's anniversary party to give me a big hug, I was a little shocked but I love hugs, so why not? I'm hug-worthy! We all need to hug it out now and again, right? Maybe Heather and Ramona should try hugging. It could work.

I think that Heather was sincere in her apology to Ramona, but once Ramona makes up her mind, it’s hard to bring her around to your side. When Heather is stressed, she smiles. When Ramona is stressed, she yells. I don't know if they will ever be friends but I hope that they can control their emotions enough to be at the same party without making a scene.

Until next week, bisous!