LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn isn't surprised Ramona threw her into the fray during the Aviva dust-up.

on Sep 4, 2012

Character counts and honesty matters. I’m sorry I concocted a story about my "Italian friends" coming back to the house. I admit that my problem is the cover-up not the crime. I can assure you once again that nothing happened with Tomas. Fudging the truth always turns out bad. So learn from my mistake and remember that appearances do matter especially to the people who love you. Jacques and I are very happy and he’s forgiven me for my silly mistake.

The ladies were relentless in their questioning of Tomas and his whereabouts, and I felt bad that he got caught up in this mess. It was not Ramona’s place to harass Tomas and he was our guest that evening and deserved to be treated better than he was. I didn’t step in because to do so would have escalated the situation and would have made Tomas even more uncomfortable.

I wasn’t surprised that Sonja and Tomas got together and I feel that it is none of my business what they did (or didn’t) do that night. Both of them are adults and can do whatever floats their boats.