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Kill the Messenger

LuAnn isn't surprised Ramona threw her into the fray during the Aviva dust-up.

Character counts and honesty matters. I’m sorry I concocted a story about my "Italian friends" coming back to the house. I admit that my problem is the cover-up not the crime. I can assure you once again that nothing happened with Tomas. Fudging the truth always turns out bad. So learn from my mistake and remember that appearances do matter especially to the people who love you. Jacques and I are very happy and he’s forgiven me for my silly mistake.

The ladies were relentless in their questioning of Tomas and his whereabouts, and I felt bad that he got caught up in this mess. It was not Ramona’s place to harass Tomas and he was our guest that evening and deserved to be treated better than he was. I didn’t step in because to do so would have escalated the situation and would have made Tomas even more uncomfortable.

I wasn’t surprised that Sonja and Tomas got together and I feel that it is none of my business what they did (or didn’t) do that night. Both of them are adults and can do whatever floats their boats.

Aviva was stressed out when she arrived so when she confronted the girls, she went a little overboard. How I got dragged into this mess is a mystery to me but if Ramona can pin her outlandish behavior on someone else, she does. I felt bad for Reid because he didn’t deserve the welcome he received and he came to St. Barts only because Aviva needed him and Carole invited him. Reid was clear that he had work to do and that he wouldn’t get in the way of our plans. Instead, the girls interrupted Reid over and over again. As for Ramona looking for other lodgings, what can I say. . .typical escalation of a non-issue.

Words of thanks are to come from people willingly and when Aviva forced the girls to thank Reid, it didn’t go over well. I commend Aviva on overcoming her fear of flying enough to join us and even though we didn’t throw a party upon her arrival, we were very happy to see her.

Of course when a man arrives to stay in a house filled with women the dynamics change, but I would never have asked Reid to leave. When I commented on how Ramona felt, I didn’t think my words would become a focal point for Ramona’s displaced anger. It was a “kill the messenger” kind of moment.

I’m sure Aviva regrets calling Ramona and Sonja white trash. No matter how angry we become with each other, it’s important to remember that once something is said it’s impossible to take back.

Ramona was angry with me for speaking the truth and she was taking the focus off of herself and putting the blame on me. I wasn’t surprised that she did this and I took it in stride. The only thing that bothered me was when she entered my personal space. I will not let Ramona or anyone else intimidate me so I decided to back away from her Ramotional outburst.

Until next week, bisous!

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Ramona: I Am Truly Blessed

Ramona talks about the importance of her birthday luncheon and how she felt hearing about Bethenny's childhood.

It was great to go on a trip to Atlantic City with all the girls to celebrate my birthday. What was more important to me was to celebrate over a lunch with my 30 girlfriends of 20 years. My girlfriends who came to the luncheon have been so supportive of me over the past two years in this difficult time. They never made a judgment call and always advised me to do what makes me happy, and they would support me in any decision I made about my marriage. I am truly blessed by each and every one of them.

I shared with Dorinda that I went from keeping the company of men to dating men. Leave it to Dorinda to ask if anyone gave me butterflies!
I have really intensified my workout and actually use 30-pound kettlebells for my core (I started with only 10 pounds). Kerry, my trainer, has helped me change my body, and I can't believe how strong I have become.

Listening to Bethenny talk about her childhood brought up so many memories of mine. We both had fathers who were abusive to our mothers. This does affect your relationships with men and makes you very strong and independent in your adult life. You will learn more about this from me in my book Life on the Ramonacoaster.





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