LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn isn't surprised Ramona threw her into the fray during the Aviva dust-up.

on Sep 4, 2012

Aviva was stressed out when she arrived so when she confronted the girls, she went a little overboard. How I got dragged into this mess is a mystery to me but if Ramona can pin her outlandish behavior on someone else, she does. I felt bad for Reid because he didn’t deserve the welcome he received and he came to St. Barts only because Aviva needed him and Carole invited him. Reid was clear that he had work to do and that he wouldn’t get in the way of our plans. Instead, the girls interrupted Reid over and over again. As for Ramona looking for other lodgings, what can I say. . .typical escalation of a non-issue.

Words of thanks are to come from people willingly and when Aviva forced the girls to thank Reid, it didn’t go over well. I commend Aviva on overcoming her fear of flying enough to join us and even though we didn’t throw a party upon her arrival, we were very happy to see her.

Of course when a man arrives to stay in a house filled with women the dynamics change, but I would never have asked Reid to leave. When I commented on how Ramona felt, I didn’t think my words would become a focal point for Ramona’s displaced anger. It was a “kill the messenger” kind of moment.