Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer explains why she was so concerned about Aviva's leg.

on Jul 31, 2012

Being in Miami was so much fun. Ranjana owns a stunning apartment in an up and coming area. It has always been very commercial in what's called the design center.
Before we went to her home, Aviva told me our host expected us to go into the pool for facial yoga. Aviva was freaking out to me saying she forgot her swimming leg she didn’t know what she was going to do. She was in a major panic. Aviva, even though she has a prosthetic leg, wanted to be able to show everyone she can do what they all can. She was worried how it would look if everyone went in the pool but her.

She was willing to be uncomfortable and have a water-logged leg to show she is like everyone. I of course being protective said, "Don't worry, I won't get into the pool, I won't take off my cover up. I’ll just stay on the edge so you won't stand out by not going in." After she went into the pool, she was concerned that her leg would become overly wet, like a sponge -- too much time in the water and it gets completely saturated.