Ramona Singer

Ramona attempts to make peace with Heather, but she's done with Aviva.

on Oct 1, 2012

I have done this with my Ramona Pinot Grigio and recently with my new Ramona Sangiovese Merlot. In fact, this has been done with all of my company including True Faith Jewelry and Tru Renewal skincare. All companies who are doing a photo shoot and/or campaign make sure this is done.

Heather did a great job helping The Kellner Foundation to raise money and awareness. Let's be clear though, this was not a fashion runway show at Lincoln Center. I go to many shows, sit front row, and speak to the person next to me. This was a cocktail party of five hundred people who were all constantly talking. Sonja, just that day, was shocked when she only received two shots from her entire day shoot and no product shots. Seeing the photographer there, of course she was going to ask him where the rest of her shots were. It was shocking to hear no product shots were done. Just a week before, in Heather’s office, he said he would forward them. Being there and always thinking, I suggested cropping them out to make it happen. After the entire event was over, Sonja brought up the subject again and Heather overheard. After all of Heather’s hard work on that night’s event, it was the wrong time to discuss it, and I understood her frazzled reaction.