Ramona Singer

Ramona attempts to make peace with Heather, but she's done with Aviva.

on Oct 1, 2012

It took me seven hours roundtrip to get to Carole’s party. I had traveled non-stop since seven in the morning, to make my best friend’s mother’s funeral. Life is precious and it's fleeting. When Heather started in on me as soon as I walked in, I called uncle. I realized to develop a friendship with her I needed to step out of what was going on with the Sonja’s photo shoot. I apologized sincerely
and wanted to move on.

Too bad it can't be that simple with Aviva. I always taught my daughter walk away from a bully.

All Aviva does is bully me and she seems crippled from the past events. . .no pun intended. I grabbed Carole’s arm forcefully to show what George did to me. Did George grab me? Yes. Did it hurt me when he did? Yes, painfully so. Did I accurately reenact George's grab of my arm? No, I did not. But George's grasp of my arm felt like what I displayed to Carole. It was such a violation and made me so upset that I admit I was almost losing it when I was showing Carole. I was so frustrated and was reliving the moment where I felt George had violated me and I reacted to Carole with what I felt at the charity event for domestic violence and abuse.