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All Women's Bodies Are Beautiful

Sonja celebrates the female form and lambasts Carole and "A-Diva" for ruining the trip.

Okay, hurrah hurrah! Another gratuitous butt shot that has nothing to do with storyline, other than that I was looking for something in the fridge. If you film 10 hours a day every day, I promise you if they want to film your butt, they will kiss the floor to get it! Should I be flattered or should I be insulted? I'm not sure!

Ramona and I had a good laugh about the “white trash” comment. We’re white, we act silly, and we OWN it.

Once we laughed about it we were genuinely looking to enjoy the remaining two days with all of the ladies. Aviva did not want to give us even that. She barged in and began chastising us like two little girls! Who does she think she is? Totally rude and YET with the compassion that I do have I attempted to diffuse her anxiety again by saying we were HAPPY that she was there so she can JUMP in and JUMP out when she wants. Whatever it takes!

And then. . .double date dinner. What is this!?! It turned from a girls' trip to a fragmented mess. I don't think Carole has much experience hosting. I'm just grateful she scored the house. She had her hands full with her new BFF, A-Diva. Then, it was convenient to have a couples dinner since her "rock-n-roll sometimes lover" who lives in LA and tours most of the year was in St. Barths and they could. . .

Heather and I both said it, we have lives in New York that we took a trip from. I have a house with hurricane damage to repair, a daughter to take care of, and could have gone on dates with my at-home dates! I don't have to tell you Ramona has the same story. Why are we here if the host is enabling A-Diva's bad behavior? THIS is why we didn’t want men here in the FIRST place!

The ENTIRE dynamic changed and at that moment, what was the point of any of us being there? When I say men I mean significant others. Before we left, Russ was not a significant other. CarolE said he would be working most the time. He was staying in a hotel. She candidly admitted herself to A-Diva while shopping that they both slept with other people.

Isn’t it funny how after telling us all over and over about every single one of her phobias and anxieties, that A-Diva then says, "Meh, the plane wasn’t so bad. . .", THEN WHY KEEP BRINGING IT UP! She cannot let anything go. Also she keeps telling us how embarrassing it is for her to have so many anxieties. . .THEN WHY KEEP talking about them?! I understand it must be difficult to be neurotic. . .but after a while enough is enough. Get help. You're a grown up now.

Didn’t Heather look great at lunch? Finally Heather learns the two couples would be going out to dinner alone. I guess running into the sliding door got us all on the same page! We all got on the same page and saw that things DO change when one DIVA is allowed to bring her significant other on the trip and the others aren't.

After lunch at Le Tamarin, for Carole to project her frustration on me and Ramona when speaking to Heather was way off the wall. We were not dumping our problems on everyone, it was Aviva that kept bringing up the small plane. I too have lost friends on that flight. Most recently my friend Pascal's dad died, so I don't need to hear about the flight over and over again either.

I understand that Carole was reminiscing about going to St. Barths with her husband who died. But I also went every year, sometimes twice a year, with my ex-husband to the same island. I too was feeling emotional and remorseful, but I did not dump my anxiety on everyone. I mentioned one time on the trip that I don't think my ex was having a great time in St. Barths without me.

Shame on A-Diva for saying those things. I am on a downward spiral because I like to let loose and have fun with my girlfriends on vacation? I may be down but I am not out. (You may remember that line from my soft burlesque skit that I wrote last season!)

My daughter is thriving. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with my Chapter 11 and a way to satisfy my movie deal judgment by restructuring my assets.

I am working my can off to manage my home (after tremendous hurricane damage I might add), investments, and finances, to build my businesses and to, most importantly, care for my daughter as a single mom.

If that's what you call a downward spiral, then what do you call throwing nameless insults at friends and dumping your endless phobias on us time and time again?

I am independent and I am not looking to depend on a man to take care of me and my daughter. Why doesn't A-Diva go in her room and vent on her husband since she has one?

I was very disappointed to see the other side of Reid. I felt better knowing that A-Diva had Reid as her back bone and crutch. Hearing him make such a nasty comment about the other women who are not at the table being overweight really hurt. I love New York because it is the most tolerant city in the world and I pride myself being a New Yorker for that reason. To say that a woman is too thin or overweight is so base and is nothing more than name calling. What does that have to do with what is beautiful about an individual and why they should be loved and cared for? Very SUPERFICIAL and UNFEELING.

I had a good time, enjoyed myself and put the lampshade on for everyone. Or in this case, took it off. I'm glad Carole got nekked in the pool also. I was starting to think her sexy talk was just that -- all talk!

I flirt with people that I am not interested in dating. I'm actually very shy around people that I am interested in having a relationship with! I like to have fun and make people feel comfortable. I am very sensitive and one thing you can never say is that I'm not compassionate.

If you follow astrology, I have a Pisces moon, which makes me a sucker for any sob story and is one of the reasons I am driven to support so many charitable causes. In fact, I need to learn the word "no" sometimes because my schedule just cannot support all the charities I attend and support. The meetings and behind-the-scenes work that goes into a charity is extensive.

I am hurt and surprised that Carole would voice to others that she was offended that I did not come to Russ' concert. That was never on the agenda and was a last minute invitation. Plus, we had an early flight the next morning! I think it's obvious why I did not want to go after a day from hell with her and her new BFF A-Diva.

From breakfast alone, to lunch at one of my favorite places in the world with crazies, to electing to stay home to avoid the wrath of A-Diva -- this would drive anyone to drink!

I love St. Barths and the amazing restaurants, beaches, and clubs. We were so fortunate to stay in a beautiful house with amazing food. . .and wine from SPIGOTS! I just wish A-Diva tried to be more a part of the group and take her make up off and have a good time. Thats ALL I wanted, to have fun with my girlfriends!

I'd like to end my blog with two quotes from Helen Gurley Brown (Rest In Peace) "Every woman's body is beautiful and should be celebrated," and "You don't have to belong to someone else in order to be an admirable person. And sex is a wonderful thing"

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Sonja: Heather Has Different Standards for Carole

Sonja breaks down the episode and talks about the group's double standards. 

Who doesn’t love dancing on a table?

Carole coming out of the gate with a wild night out with a younger man! That came as a little bit of a shock, and I am so happy Carole found amore or whatever it is. Whatever it is is great! After divorce or losing a husband, one shouldn’t worry about tomorrow. Be in the moment while keeping your eye on the future. And I must say that Carole sure looks good for a girl who just threw up in a pedicab, spent the night (and day) with a younger man, doing gummy bears! I wonder if those were the gummy bears Kelly was eating on Scary Island--that sure would explain some of her behavior. I’m glad to see that Heather can be supportive of someone, because she hasn’t been able to support me of recent. I’m surprised, though, that Heather was able to listen to that whole speel from Carole--doing drugs, drinking tequila, throwing up in a rickshaw, and hiding a relationship from Luann-–without making a single judgmental comment! Weren’t Heather and Carole just saying last week that I drink too much and am out of control? But hey, maybe Heather is finally learning to accept that some people are fun! Either that or Heather has different standards for Carole than she has for me. I’m starting to think that it is the latter and that Heather is just giving me a hard time to give me a hard time! Do you think there is an underlying factor causing this? Because we have always been cool with each other, not uncool. We saw last season Heather and Carole spilling into the Manhattan streets toasted, and with me in the Berkshires, etc. It’s not like they don’t party hardy. Oooooooh Carole saying Luann won’t care about her dating her chef/niece’s boyfriend is sooooooo wrong. She has no idea. Worse than dating the niece’s boyfriend is that he works for Luann. You never steal the chef (or other employees), and never shtup them! Cardinal rule. LOL, I have a feeling Carole is going to learn this from Lu. OK…we see it in the preview for next week she’s not happy.

BTW, does anyone else feel like Adam looks like Carole’s intern Eric Goldie?

I laughed so hard when Ramona tells Dominik he has to come after 11 PM and leave by 7 AM. Ramona knows I have that rule; no one lives in my house. It’s not that Dominik didn’t get it because he is young, it is that Ramona talks fast and Dominik is German, and he didn’t catch it. He’s also very smart and knew she was stirring the pot. She took care of Ben last year, he was scared off. Let’s see if this bunch scares Dominik off!

I have no idea why the other women have been teasing me about dating younger men. No one should knock it 'til they walk in my shoes. 

Sonja Morgan

Bethenny threw such a fabulous birthday party, and I say that with my "Sonja in the City" hat on! I’m so glad that she decided to have a birthday dinner. I know that she has been going through a hard time and that her birthday is already difficult for her. I’m glad that she felt comfortable reaching out to us and letting us help her through this trying time--that’s what friends are supposed to be for! I know that I rely on my good girlfriends a lot for support through this ongoing battle with my ex, even after divorce, so I’m happy to be there for Bethenny. I completely stand by that comment I made at dinner about needing to watch Dominik around all of those women. I definitely don’t want Luann pulling a pirate move on me. LOL. When Carole was trying to school that kid in fashion, it reminded me of when I said, “I have to feed this kid!” Us cougars should know that when you date a younger man, those comments will raise eyebrows. I have no idea why the other women have been teasing me about dating younger men. No one should knock it 'til they walk in my shoes. It’s not an age thing, it’s a situation as Carole would say. I guess Lu and Carole finally decided to come to my side and have more fun! The dancing on the tables was a breath of fresh air. Everyone was really able to cut lose and enjoy themselves, which is so important to do every once in a while, especially since we all work so hard. It was like old times. That’s why I first became friends with these girls. We need to have more and more of these moments as Bethenny says. Also, it’s always great to have a young, strong man to catch you when your table tips. Tables were meant to dance on. Take a trip to Greece!

I don’t know why Heather and Kristen are so upset about Bethenny’s birthday dinner, and it is HER birthday! I love when Kristen’s housekeeper say “Who cares?” several times. She has the right attitude. She reminds me of Jeff Lewis’ housekeeper Zoila. She says it like it is, even if you are the boss. Bethenny says she doesn’t know Kristen, so why should Kristen care if she wasn’t invited? Heather obviously isn’t that good of friends with Bethenny either, since Bethenny said that Heather was Carole’s plus one and she knows Bethenny is going through some real life sh-- right now that is new and stinging. So she isn’t close enough to shake her finger at Bethenny in this case. Bethenny has only first started hanging with us again. I wouldn’t start giving advice like Heather loves to do from a soapbox. I love seeing Carole on her date. Really happy for her. Where are they going to go for their next date--Six Flags?! Sounds fun to me. This is how we stay young. My advice to Dorinda? Don’t air your grievances with you daughter and John with this group! She doesn’t know them like I do. It could backfire. Vent with someone you're closer to and who you’re sure won’t air your dirty laundry.

Ramona’s restaurant business looks exciting but not as exciting as her monkey business with her partner. Those faces she makes are classic Ramona. Dorinda’s love life seems to be a little more complicated. I feel badly that she is going through this whole situation with her daughter and John. No one can ever come before your daughter, and that’s hard for some men to learn. Having said that, I believe John does know that and is just looking for recognition and attention from Dorinda. All men are babies! Then, goodness gracious when Dorinda compares him to her late husband, I felt like taking a bullet for her. As mother says, never mention another man with another man. I’ve been guilty of the same.

It must be nice to come late to a dinner because you’re buying diamond rings. Go Heather and Carole! I’m glad that I didn’t miss a night with my daughter to go to that dinner!  It just seemed uncomfortable to sit there and listen to Heather and Bethenny fighting! Those girls need to loosen up a little bit and remember to leave that aggressive attitude at the office! It was so brave of Carole and Dorinda to open up about losing their late husbands. I can only imagine how hard that must be. I can kind of imagine, because my divorce from my ex has been like he died. I lost my best friend. I hope that both of those girls know that they can come to me if they ever want to talk. I’m not saying that my situation with my ex-husband is the same as a death, but losing a husband--through death or divorce--is the hardest thing, and I think that we would be able to relate on some level. Yes I do listen! With Ramona at Nello’s I had a thorn in my side about how she talked to be about my divorce, and she just wasn’t responding. I missed our usual banter back and forth and relating to each other. We have so much water under bridge together. Wow that got heavy really fast! I hope that all of us women can keep connecting with each other, start supporting each other, and leave the bitchiness at home behind closed doors!

See you next week for more bitchiness, bossiness, and ill-advised advice!

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