Sonja Morgan

Sonja vents about Heather's logo meeting and wonders who has sex anymore.

on Jul 24, 2012

Brows without an appointment? I don't wax. I pluck -- more precise. I don't want to lose them. They get thinner and thinner as we age. You cannot grow them back! Be careful.

Lu, every time? Every time you must walk in first? What if I made the restaurant reservation and just want to say hi to the owner first? Or maybe just once I would like to meet the shop owner first? Or be photographed first ? In Morocco it happened I didn't care so much, but now with Carole being new to the group, I felt I needed to say something because she was feeling the pain too!

Ramona and Mario are the opposite of Reid and Aviva. Completely. Hmmm. Wonder who has the better sex life? Maybe no one has sex anymore. My friend told me no one has sex after two years of marriage. LOL.

See you next week!

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