Sonja Morgan

Sonja discusses Harry Dubin, Ramona's "craziness," and her business endeavors.

on Jun 18, 2012

Welcome back to Episode 3. Things are starting to gel. The new girls are integrated. And there no stopping us now!

Aviva and Harry are still very close. He stays with her and her husband and kids at the beach in their home. She's been married for five years, so I didn't think it an issue to share the love for Harry. Everyone I know loves Harry, knows we were together decades ago, and knows we have been best friends ever since. Harry's been single since me and after Aviva for many, many years, and has dated several of my friends -- and lucky for them!

Harry has a girlfriend now, and I go out with them all the time. Sometimes I go out with just him and the boys.

Anyone who knows Harry Dubin would never feel it an issue to speak of him openly because the minute you meet him you know he's a bon vivant and an internationally loved --- for lack of better words --- playboy. You can't change a tiger's stripes.

Even once Warren Beatty found his Annette Benning, he remained a legend with the women and a best friend to many men. That's Harry in our social set, off the MGM movie set and Hollywood playground

Having said that Harry is a visionary and invented Poopie the Pig, an animated character that is going to skyrocket! He's a great Dad, a loyal friend, a class act, and would give you the shirt off his back.