Sonja Morgan

Sonja discusses her ex and tries to remember a time when she and Aviva were BFFs.

on Sep 25, 2012

Wow! It's not appropriate for George to go out with Carole because Aviva cares for her? What does that say about me and Aviva? No wonder I said I questioned her motives in my earlier blog when she wanted to set me up with George.

Ramona put a fabulous group together of New York elite, and a powerful set of smart women who can make change. She always does. These are not people who she met yesterday. This says a lot about her. Heather also raised a lot of dollars at her charity event. Ramona and I were very impressed with her auction. They can be difficult.

Aviva should have never sent her father to an all-girls event that Ramona was hosting when they are on bad terms. Mail the check. He says he gave thousands and thousands of dollars? Try $500?

Ramona asks George kindly to leave after he makes her uncomfortable at her own event and he doesn't. She accepted his check. She asked him to drop it in the bowl. It didn't even dawn on Aviva to mail it? Come on. . .Ramona asked the WAITERS to escort him from her event. He was tugging on Ramona's arm from the get go, and as she trys to walk away he does it again. Because, like Aviva, if Ramona doesn't say what he wants to hear he pushes. This is classic bullying behavior. Then he says I did wrong! This is not the way to behave.