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Ramonja Time!

Sonja Morgan comments on all the craziness and defends LuAnn's right to enjoy Tomas' company.

Now even though I wasn’t running into doors and bringing home a “group of Italians,” Ramona and I were pointed out to be drinking "already" by "I'm Gonna Be Miss Goody Two Shoes Tonight” Carole Radziwill because she hasn’t seen her "West Coast Boyfriend" in five months and she's refraining from partying.

This is a girls’ trip! I’m here to stir the drink! What you don’t see is from first flight to the end of the night we were all constantly being served! Welcome mimosas and wine with lunch in first class on the plane, arrival champagne at the villa. Rosé was not flowing in this Villa, it was gushing from a SPIGOT! In all my travel I've never seen this.

We flew on the big plane to the big family island and took the small plane to the small, sexy island to a private home (that normally costs a small fortune), so we could have round-the-clock security, on-site drivers, staff, a butler at our side, and yes, a French chef (even though he did go home too early). One gets festive at holiday parties and on holiday vacations; that's why they’re called HOLIDAYS, not WORKDAYS. With my smaller body frame, of course the after dinner tequila Lu Lu, Heather, and I shared is going to hit me first. While the rest of the girls were raising their eyes at me, Lu and I were raising the French flag on the butler in the kitchen. Tee! Hee! I have to go back to the big girl syndrome. Heather and LuAnn are amazons compared to me, and I’m a lightweight! I was there to let my hair down (and as you’ll see next week even my top). I lived in France, and as a young model I soon learned the pleasures of topless sunbathing and swimming. It's like wearing a necktie at the pool once you experience this. All the more the reason to stay in a private home rather than a hotel! Especially in Europe.

I do have to wonder what happened to this trip being a girls’ trip? I loved Russ, he is very cool. He and Carole are very sexy together, and I told them that. Carole’s like the HOTTEST woman on Earth. We saw that at Thierry Badereau's Thom Beach when she wore her swimsuit! Wow! When Russ came, I offered to leave the table because I was cognizant of the fact he and Carole were on tête-à-tête, and it was only a matter time before the after dinner tequila shots set in.

It would be like one wife coming along with a group of husbands to Vegas and expecting the wife to be comfortable! I’m not in St. Barths to be on my best guarded behavior in front of Carole’s boyfriend, I’m here to have a blast and blow off some steam. I've been working really hard on Sonja Home Innovative Living, booking Sonja in The City parties, maintaining my charity work, combating the hurricane damage at my home, managing my assets, and most importantly being a mom. All this when not shooting RHONY!

You have to love Ramona! Of course she went straight for the master suite. I mean Carole did give her blessing to choose whichever room she wished, since she knew she'd be far from us in the private bungalow below! And I am glad she did... Sonja in the bungalow? No! Sonja in the suite! Put the wet blankets in the bungalow. It's Ramonja time!I now feel like the Grand MaaaaaAAAArrrrrshaaaallll of Le Ti St. Barth and the BLT* Community.

(*Bacon, Lettuce, and TOASTED. I will get back to supporting the LGBT youth when I get back to NY!)

I have been friends with Carole Gruson, owner of the fabulous Le Ti St. Barth, for decades. I had no idea her and Tomas were broken up until Tomas told me at the house the next night at our cocktail party. He's French, always flirtatious (especially with the clients), which is what we go there for! All that attention is intoxicating. Carole Grusen does not get jealous easily, because she is French, sexy, vivacious, and has men lined up and down the island for her! She always has the cutest, sweetest boyfriends. I’m thrilled LuAnn let her hair down a bit and got in touch with her inner pirate booty. If Tomas (or was it Johnny Depp?) is giving her attention, let her enjoy!
I don’t know why everyone’s talking about what LuAnn’s doing, because it’s nobody's business. Whether it was a group of Italians or Tomas, if she wanted you to know, she would tell us more, if there even is more! I’m just pissed she didn’t wake me up if it was so much fun! There is nothing wrong with bringing people (or a group of Italians) back to the house! Now I know Ramona doesn’t sleep and she watches TV with the butler and snacks (and still has a phenomenal body), but what were Heather and Carole doing up at the main house?! The bungalow was hundreds of yards away from the house, so what were they doing? Creeping around in the bushes?! Peering through (or running into) glass doors?

Whether it’s Sonja in the City, Sonja Home, Sonja in the Master Suite, or Sonja on the Island, I live in the moment wherever I am. I love St. Barths and enjoy every moment. When in France (it's a French island), do as the French do! Thanks for watching us through the ups and downs and supporting #RHONY!

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Sonja: No Matter What I Do, I Cannot Win

Sonja talks about how hurt she is when she hears her fellow 'Wives talking about her. 

As I said in my last blog, I really felt ganged up on the last time I saw all the girls at the reunion. They seem to be coming up with strange comments out of nowhere, since we were fine when we wrapped last season, and I guested everyone at Jamie’s after the Le Cirque event (leg toss) and at the Sonja in the City Premiere Party when the show finally aired.

They were attacking me left and right about my businesses and the legal crisis I was dealing with that resulted from when I was a movie producer. I had to deal with this all while going through my divorce and no support from my ex.

Lu and Ramona have shut me out since their significant other troubles.

Dorinda says she’s never been to Ramona’s country house. As we saw in the last episode, Ramona has never been to Dorinda’s houses either. So this is a new, fast and furious friendship?! It’s like Ramona would talk to her hairdresser before me. Anyone but me, who really knows her. 

In fact, this is the first time Ramona’s moved me out of the bedroom I always stay in no matter how many guests. I was trying to be understanding, because I know Dorinda is new to the group, but that doesn’t change the fact that Ramona is definitely demonstrative in pushing me away. I don’t care what an ass I’m acting like. Who does that?

I have spent so many celebrations at the country house with Ramona, Mario, and her daughter. So she doesn’t have to feel that she can’t talk to me. Every time I bring up something that I feel is relatable between us, as fancy or flighty as it may sound when I mention these, it IS common ground for us. She just continues to ignore me, so I keep trying even harder to get her attention by bringing up more examples of what I have gone through that is similar to what she is going through. No matter what I try, I am seemingly talking to a wall. Not a good look I might add!

Dorinda brought up the fact that I live in a big house, after I brought up lower maintenance being nice. She moved from a huge apartment with her daughter to a much smaller apartment. That’s when I gave the examples of how I am scaling down. But, I’m not willing to give up my main home and the outdoors that I get with a house, because I already gave up my country house. It seems like my idea to keep my main house is upsetting the girls, and I do not understand why they are so focused. 

What adds to everything else is that Ramona apologizes to Lu for not understanding what she has been through, having not walked in her shoes till now. Yet, she hasn’t discussed this with me. She would always give me very harsh advice, saying how I wouldn’t be divorced if I did all the things she’d done in her marriage and family life. I wish she could have paid the same respect to me.

That’s exactly why I didn’t have her over when I took down my husband’s portrait. I felt Luann understood better, that no matter how well things are going, marriages do fall apart. It’s not the wife’s fault alone. This divorce should be bringing us closer, as it is with her former nemesis Luann, but Ramona just chooses not to let this happen. I don’t want to say, “I told you so.” I just want to maintain our close relationship no matter what happens.

When the psychic in Morocco said Mario was cheating on Ramona, I started crying, because I was afraid when Avery went away to school that it could happen. It does happen!  I care about Ramona very much, and I didn’t want her to go through what I’ve been through. How can she forget how sensitive I have been to her issues? I don’t really feel like she is letting me in when she is so easy to let others in, such as Lu and Dorinda. 

This gets my hair up on my back and causes me to try to get her attention even more. She says to Dorinda I’ve been on the offensive, but I feel like I’ve been playing more of a defensive role. Because of the comments she used to make to Lu and me about why we were divorced when she had the perfect marriage, perfect everything, I am acting this way. Having said that, I do seem very self-absorbed, but I wouldn’t say I’m more self-absorbed than anyone else in our group! I think I really have a thorn in my side at this point.

We see Ramona having déjà vu at the bar at Lu’s, and of course I’m sitting right next to her having mutual admiration in her flashback. That was then! I’m missing that give and take relationship. We used to interrupt each other interrupting like Abbot and Costello. There was no stopping us from getting a word in. Now I just seem to be talking to myself. It just makes me question why she is so unhappy with me.

Then you see me trying to break up the fight between Heather and Aviva in the flashback. I can’t help thinking that if Aviva were still here, then the heat would be on her, instead of me! Is that mean? Or am I just feeling like the whipping boy? LOL!

It makes me feel uncomfortable that the girls are counting my money and accusing me of pretending.

Sonja Morgan

I’m really shocked when Heather tells Carole in the ride out to the Hampton’s, that I am bull sh---ing people that I was a millionaire when I was 25 years old. I have never said anything like that. She already knows that I’ve been working and making my own money since I was 14 years old and invested in my properties with and without my ex. So, again, I feel like these comments are coming out of nowhere and with no basis. She knows how hard I have worked in the garment industry and in fashion retail since we have that in common. She knows nothing was handed to me. We had that mutual respect before. It makes me feel uncomfortable that the girls are counting my money and accusing me of pretending.

At the reunion I threw out a comment about P. Diddy being a friend, because I thought Heather was BSing too much when she was dropping the names of celebrities that she knew through business. However, I’m no stranger to dropping names either, since I make a living off my contacts. It was a heated moment, and I guess she’s having a moment of some type with me now. I was also very upset last year that she said my relationship with Harry wasn’t real. I can tell you it is very real, for both of us. 

I also don’t understand why Luann can talk about the big house in Bridgehampton she had with her husband, and I can’t talk about my yacht. I have fond memories on the yacht with family and friends. I’m not living in the past. I am very much in the moment and planning my future.  

For Ramona to say to Dorinda that I am in denial is very strange. Ramona knows better than anyone that every day I deal with the bottom line, which is frankly about the dollars and cents. I have been extremely active in protecting my assets, and I am fully advised by professionals. Many couples have remarried their divorced spouses once they settle their division of assets because of this very reason. It’s always about the money. That’s why Lu and Ramona are scaling down. No one who knows business wants to give up their real estate. You never make money selling. Only buying more. Real Estate is an investment and used as leverage. 

Ramona tells Bethenny several times that she is single. She has told me this, too, but the second I say that she is divorcing, she gets mad at me. I really can’t win. I can’t say she’s Italian, even though she was married into an Italian family and lived with her mother-in-law for 10 years, because that got her angry, too. It was an innocent mistake, yet Ramona was so sensitive about it.

BTW, when Ramona told Bethenny to breathe, it reminded me of Morocco with Alex McCord. Talk about a déjà vu!

Lu’s son is so wonderful. He’s very polite and kind. He showed me his carriage house,and it really is perfect, and he is so proud of it! I’m happy to have gotten to know him over the years. I have had dinner with Adam Kentworthy and the family when he was dating Lu’s niece Nicole. Now that he’s the chef, he is definitely off limits! Carole is a sucker for attractive men! So I wonder, what will happen there?

We see Lu’s son is drinking out of a mason jar. I love to serve beer in them with lemon and ice like in England, as Dorinda would say. I once again can’t win. I bring my own beer, which is down to earth, and now I am accused of not being Lady Morgan-like. Previously in this episode, I am being accused of not being down to earth. I really feel I’m being picked on and shut out. No matter what I do, I cannot win.

Tune in next week to see how this “docudrama” unfolds. I think you will be very surprised. What a bunch we are!

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