Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer reflects on the "crazy" Aviva threw on the table, LuAnn's taste in men, and Sonja's heart of gold.

on Jul 23

Aviva did not look well when she walked into Sonja's party. She has always been very slim, but that night she was extremely thin. It made me very concerned about her health. Aviva said she lost ten pounds. She was just bones! There was definitely something wrong with her health, and it was obvious for all to see.

When we all sat down together, I thought we could reach some resolution. Nothing was further from the truth. The conversation was so out of control. Why Aviva felt compelled to convince everyone about her illness with X-rays, doctor notes, and records is beyond me.

When she threw her leg on the table, with such force and noise, it scared all of us. It was as if Aviva took the crazy off her leg and put the crazy on the table for all to see.

There is nothing more that I can say. I still am in shock reliving this as I write about it.