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Ramona Didn't Intend to Hit Kristen

Ramona explains her "knee-jerk reaction" and how many air conditioners she tried to gift to Heather.

I thought Josh was originally trying to help Sonja but end up coming across as condescending and unsupportive. No one responds well to negative energy and Josh was acting negative -- and a business consultant!

I must say I was extremely upset when the plastic glass hit Kristen in the mouth. That glass could have been tossed million times and it would not end up in her face. Who knew that would happen? I was totally embarrassed and regretful for my actions. When K totally drenched me in water I had a knee jerk reaction, tossing what I had in my hand. My intention was not to hit her or harm in any way.

The day we went to Heather's home it was over 100 degrees. I really wanted to cancel the trip due to the weather. My intention was to gift Heather four A/C units for every bedroom. Only one arrived -- and even that one did not work.

Kristen and I were in an uncomfortable situation. It was giving bad energy to the rest of the group and I thought it was best for me to leave the pond -- and perhaps the best decision to leave the Berkshires all together. I also had my daughter in the Hamptons, events to attend to and a house full of central air conditioning. I did not want to ruin the weekend.

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