Ramona Singer

Ramona blames the sun for her issues with Heather, Kristen, and Sonja, and points out what she thinks was a wrong move by Aviva.

on Apr 23

Watching myself on TV and seeing the day at my home with Kristen, Heather, and Sonja was not the most enjoyable experience. I must say it was a scorching temperature of 100 degrees, and the sun must have gotten to me!!!

I could not believe I called Heather a hypocrite and then within two minutes I forgot I called her that?!?

Kristen, for whatever reason, is annoying me. I guess she is trying to be helpful? However, I see her brining up the issue as being intrusive. She does not know any of the girls well enough to get involved. I would prefer for her to stay out of it and keep her opinions to herself.

Sonja seems to be in a place where she is very sensitive. With all the stress she has been under I should of been more sensitive about what I am saying to her. Sonja is always very proud of her performances -- as she should be. Making a negative comment that I heard really served no purpose. I learned a valuable lesson to never repeat any negative hearsay to the people I truly care about.