Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen talks about her confrontation with Lynne, the sleepover, and her psychic reading!

on Jan 15, 2010


Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is well. We all should stop and take a moment to pray for all the people and families hurting from the tragedy in Haiti. May God bless every person that is hurting or who has lost a loved one.

To be honest every week I struggle with my blog. I feel like no matter what we (cast members) say, someone will misconstrue it at some point, whether it is a response from a fan or someone else from another blog world that picks up our words and puts it into their stories. This for me is a place to share behind the scenes if you will. A place to give you a little more insight to the very small percent of our lives the show airs. It is impossible to share all aspects of our lives in the short hour we are on every week. In writing the blogs I have realized that no matter what you say, someone will have something to say about the way you said it. For instance one week everyone will be saying, “You should stick up for yourself and say something to her for the way she treated you.” Then when you finally do, the next week the consensus is, “You should take the high road and not say anything.” When we give behind the scenes insight into what took place in an episode it’s, “You don’t need to explain yourself so much” or “You're being defensive” etc. So you can understand how difficult it is sometimes to write our blogs. It truly makes me laugh to see how up and down it goes. This is why I have committed myself every week to writing from my heart, and more than likely it will be long because I have a big heart!

I am the kind of person who hates to see people hurting, so no matter how many times it might bite me in the ass I will always extend my hand, it’s just the right way to be. We start out this week with Lynne and I going for a walk in the park, with a very interesting metaphor of her and my dogs in the park. It sets up the scene for our talk together and why I have concerns for her daughter. I remember being very concerned about her dog possibly running into the street as she was chasing her around the park, and it was just making my stomach turn. I wouldn’t want to see that happen to Lynne or her dog. As I stated in my talk with Slade on the couch when I got home, I was very taken back by Lynne’s demeanor towards me in the park that day. I really felt Alexa and I had a good talk and that she shared some things with me that day that I know she did not share with her mom afterwards (the footage did not show all of our conversation in the store that day). I sincerely was concerned about her and all I wanted to do was communicate with Alexa that I had heard her crying out for attention on three separate occasions and therefore I was there to let her know someone was listening. I never once spoke an ill word about Lynne or Frank and who they are as parents. I never wanted to give Alexa advice either; I wanted to let her know someone cared and was there to listen if needed because I had been there before. A few episodes back Alexa even said herself that her mother never listens or hears her and that they don’t communicate. So for Lynne to pretend that they talk about everything seems very odd to me. Thank you to all the fans who wrote me e-mails supporting my concerns and intentions.