Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen talks about the wild party with Slade, Tamra's accusations, and Jeana's farewell.

on Nov 19, 2009


This episode was so funny to me! I watch myself and realize what an absolute dork I am! I am always making fun of myself too, which makes me laugh. It actually feels good though to see the real Gretchen coming back into herself. During the time Jeff was so sick I tried to remain upbeat and optimistic but I was hiding a lot of my emotions and pain beneath that - I was very broken. I went through the toughest times of my life last year and I was in a bad place emotionally and mentally. Seeing myself happy, giggling out of true happiness and joy, really makes me realize I am pulling through this.

Slade and my trip to Arizona was sooooooooooooooo much fun! It was so nice to get away from all the BS that goes on with the women sometimes and to be away just enjoying each other's company. The BS includes comments like Tamra's claiming that Slade moved in two weeks after Jeff passed away. Sometimes I just wonder if Tamra talks out her ass just to hear herself talk? Where does she get this stuff? I mean seriously, I didn't even start hanging out with Slade until six months after Jeff passed away, and for the record Slade has not moved in to my house yet. He has a loft up in LA and we are ONLY NOW- after eight months of being together - considering the next steps in our relationship.

I met Kelly (the girl who had the birthday party in Arizona) at one of my charity events I put together in honor of Jeff for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We instantly hit it off and had so much fun together! Next thing I know she invites me to her party in Arizona and boy was it a PARTY! I've never seen a party quite like it - well, except for the 30th birthday bash Jeff threw for me! She was definitely the life of the party and thought of every detail for her guests. She even jumped out of a cake and sang a song on stage at one point! She is full of life and such a sweet girl. I have enjoyed getting to know her. She is a confident woman and someone who is very secure so there is no competition or pettiness between the two of us. Those are the type of women and friends that I truly enjoy and value.