Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough describes her typical day.

on Feb 20, 2007

I've gotten some questions about what a "typical day" is for me, when I realized that it probably all starts even before I get up. From what Kara tells me the morning starts like this: Mo watches her get ready, and then the second after he is done going to the bathroom outside, he races past her, darts upstairs where he wakes up my dogs and me at 6:15. And there my morning begins. I make Colton breakfast, Kara is already long gone by the time I am downstairs (she has 6:40 class). I take Colton to school and of course I bring my crazy dogs with me. Travis sits on the headrest of the back seat and is the King of the Car.

I shower, get ready, meet clients for coffee, etc. I work on my computer, show houses, and stop by the office a couple times a day. At about noon Shane joins the fun, as he is just getting up. He has a few more weeks 'til spring training, so he is working out for three or four hours a day. I pick up Colton at 5, if Kara hasn't already picked him up, and we make dinner. Kara does homework, Colton listens to music and shoots baskets, and Shane relaxes. Vicki and I talk about four or five times a day, and then we go to drinks later. She's so much fun. And then I head off to bed and start all over...